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Comment Yes, squirrels are. (Score 1) 148

A power transformer across the street from my office window on the 2nd floor of the NE State office bldg was blown out three times during the ten year period before I retired. I watched the last rascal jump between two insulators and draw a 21,000 volt spark. There was an explosion and fell to the pavement. With the power down and nothing else to do I went outside to check the squirrel. His skin was split from his left rear foot pad to his left front paw, like a zipper had been unzipped. And the air was filled with the odor of cooked squirrel. I didn't see the previous rascal's demise but I went out to investigate it as well. It had somehow gotten jammed and the current cooked him and then carbonized him before it exploded.

Comment I moved to ... (Score 1) 502

Linux 18 years ago and haven't worried about Windows malware or Microsoft's intrusions since then.

Microsoft patented "Legal Intercept" and after they bought Skype they killed Skype's P2P server system and installed a bunch of Linux servers (they don't eat their own dog food!) to run Skype networking on, each server running Legal Intercept. Using Skype you have NO security or privacy from anyone Microsoft allow$ to use their intercept software.

Comment Re:ok Komrade (Score 1) 65

"staunch Republicans"= RINOs, i.e., Republicans who talk like Conservatives and vote like Democrats, so they are Democrats in Republican clothing.
And she did NOT win by "record margin". Not even close. Check the margins of victory in the two previous presidential elections.
And, there is NO evidence of Russian hacking interfering with the election, but we have plenty of proof of Democrat operatives paid by the DNC doing just that by their own words.
You've got to stop spending so much time being indoctrinated by Media Matters/ProgressNow, who funding the BLM riots.
After all, it was Hillary who said that not accepting the results of the election was "Horrifying, un-democratic and un-American". Remember?

Comment Re:Good luck, Europe (and China) (Score 1) 431

"Because not one near-worthless American dime will be spent on alternative energy research in now Big Oil America. I also fully expect any and all solar / wind subsidies to be eliminated (hell, they'll probably be levied a Big Oil Butt-Hurt tax to compensate for the Oil Patch's hard times)."
Taking Hillary's loss rather hard, aren't you?

Have you bothered to check out how many GW of solar power generating stations have been and are being built? Check out Wikipedia, it has a nice article about the topic:
Notice that the graphs projecting future trends for Solar power in the US have a hockey stick shape. You know what that means ... it's gone exponential, and the data behind those graphs have not been tampered with, fudged or cherry-picked. Also, note that the countries with the dirtiest air are those controlled by tyrants a/o Marxists. Why should Americans have to pay a Carbon Tax so China can continue to massively pollute the skies of our Planet with impunity?

Comment Pie in the sky promises ... (Score 1) 431

Ive been seeing propaganda like this for both fission and fusion reactors for the last 60 years, and I'm 75. It started with "Nuclear energy will be so cheap it won't be metered". No mention of the radioactive waste storage problem, which was passed along to future generations and now is a HUGE problem. Then came the fusion reactor promises: "Within 25 years .... ". They were trotted out every five years, along about funding time. This one is no different, except its lies are about its promise to be free of nuclear waste. High temperature plasma can produce high energy Neutrons which make metal brittle, leading to failures. They also strike other atoms, knocking out other Neutrons and Protons, creating radioactive elements. Some of the high energy Neutrons are slowed down, becoming Thermal Neutrons, which allow them to be captured by some atoms, making the atoms radioactive. Of course, the projected per KW costs for consumer electricity never include the processing and storage of radioactive waste products. IF they were honest about that consumers would not opt for nuclear power because it would be too expensive.

Comment Re:Hacking review !== Election results review (Score 1) 557

Really? Trump was claiming election rigging for months, and Bernie's failure proved it in the Dem nomination race, because of Clinton's "super delegates". Clinton and her sock puppets in the media and entertainment were so sure that she would win they denied any meaningful rigging existed. Hillary said that refusing to accept the election results was "horrifying", and "un-democratic and un-American". Refusing to accepts the results now is not those things, especially since she only collected 232 electoral college votes? She'd need to steal 68 votes from Trump to reverse the election, an impossibility.

It was only AFTER they lost that they started making claims about hacking and the ridiculous claim of Russian interference, and about "fake news sites". Before he won they were laughing at him and mocking him:

The Democrats revealed a 2005 audio tape about Trump and pussy grabbing. Here is a 2006 audio of Hillary proposing election rigging:
And this is to say nothing of her claims to have landed in Bosnia "under fire", or that the Benghazi debacle was caused by a YouTube video, that she was related to Sir Edmond Hillary ... the absurd lies go on and on. and that doesn't cover the lies she told this year!
The fake news sites are the ones that repeated Hillary's lies without bothering to verify her statements before publishing them.

Jill Stein, candidate that drew less than 1% of the popular vote, has no standing to demand a recount in any state.
Then she raises $6M to fight the results? According to Hillary she's horrifying, un-democratic and un-American for refusing to accept the results of the election. Clinton won Nevada by less than 27K votes, Colorado by less than 75K votes, Minnesota, by less than 44K votes and in New Hampshire Hillary Clinton won by less than 3,000 votes. If she is interested in merely "verifying" the results why doesn't she want a recount in those states as well?

The facts are that Clinton would need 68 electoral votes to switch the results of election night. That big a shift has never happened and would never happen, not even this time. The Left's real purpose is to either corrupt the Electoral College with intimidation and death threats, or throw the election into the House by making it impossible for the Electoral College to function on December 19th, and you know it.. They still wouldn't win because the House is now controlled by the Republicans, but then the "Progressives" will claim that Trump stole the election and create chaos in the country, even worse than their Media Matters puppets have orchestrated with the SJWs and BLM since the election.

Comment He could save himself a lot of time by ... (Score 0) 557

Watching Veritas' videos exposing campaign disruptions and voter corruption in the Democrat Party and the shenanigans the Republicans pulled trying to defeat Trump as well.
No matter how much editing Snopes claims O'Keefe has done, the entirety of all videos are available for examination AND there is no denying that the Democrat operatives said what they said and no reason to disbelieve that they did what they said they did.

Comment Who? What? Why? (Score 0) 104

What do the founders of Black Lives Matter: Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi have in common?
They are members of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, avowed Marxists.
That's why Twitter cut the API access. They don't want law enforcement to track the activities of subversives trying to destroy our Republic, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution on which it is based.

Comment DHS Weaponized? (Score 3, Interesting) 146

The last two administrations have weaponized a lot of Federal agencies against the American people, violating the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th and other Amendments of the Bill of Rights, and their oath of office to "uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States".

Were they trying to break into the election computers and change the counts?

Comment Re:Linux (Score 2) 172

"Linus share of the desktop has doubled in the last ~year to 2.2%. That's a nice jump."
Nice backhanded insult masquerading as a compliment, but entirely nonfactual.
Using a Windows centric website as a source for desktop market share is like asking a Met fan to rate the Dodgers.
One can pick any website that tracks the OS of visitors. Here's one:
According to the data on that webpage WIndows has a 39% market share and Linux has 47.2%

Or this site, which shows Linux at 5.6%

None of these take into account two factors: agent switching and multiple installs. I can set my browser to emulate IE running on Win7 (NT) even though I've been using Linux for 18 years.

Microsoft uses it sales channel to indicate total sales, which it has manipulated by including units setting in warehouses as well, in order to inflate their sales. They also used that trick when they reported total WinPhone sales, which are still in the toilet. When I download a Linux ISO from a website I can and have installed that single ISO on several computers. Those computers previously ran Windows. The tally of Windows sales does not decrease when I replace Windows with Linux, and no one knows for sure how many Linux ISOs have been downloaded and how many devices those downloaded ISO files have been installed on. So, market share is meaningless.

The "Year of Linux" was, for me, 1998. May 1st of that year was when I replaced Win95, an OS which I had to reinstall 5 times in the previous 4 months, with RH 5.0, which came with the book "Learn Linux in 24 Hours", by BIll Brush. My new Sony VAIO, which I thought was trash, ran faultlessly without a single crash until I replaced RH in September of that year with SuSE 5.3, because it featured KDE 1.0 Beta. I am now in my 7th year of running Kubuntu.

If you count Linux running on smartphones then the Linux smartphone marketshare is 87.4% and the WInPhone share is 0.4%

Until the SCOTUS destroyed software patents with its "Alice" ruling Microsoft made more money ($5+Billion) extorting smartphone makers who used Android, using bogus DOS patents, than they made selling their own smartphone.

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