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Submission + - October 21'st 1999 is Jam Echelon Day ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: For those familiar with Echelon, 21 October 1999, has been set as the day for everyone to put harmless, yet "subversive" words in emails and postings to overload the Echelon machine. Echelon was once considered a mythical machine that watched all email, internet traffice, phone calls, etc. for "key" words — maintained by the US, among others

Submission + - What Slashdot is doing concerning shill posting (

Jeng writes: The number of shill posts on Slashdot stories has reached ridiculous levels with many shills either completely gaming the system or having inside help. Considering how prevalent this is becoming I have to ask, What is Slashdot doing to reduce shill posting?

Submission + - Good Useful Free Software 3

Jeng writes: I'm planning on sending flash drives to friends and family as stocking stuffers. Rather than just send a blank drive I'm looking for what good useful free software that I can load on it. From system utilities and encryption software to fun little games.

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