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Submission + - (can't come up with a good one without revealing t

kackle writes: I maintain the cellular data account for our small company, and also recommend such services when designing telemetry systems for our customers (who have multiples more cellular "lines" than we do). Displeased with the functionality of the business-customer website of a U.S. cellular provider, a few months ago I changed my password to something similar to 'yourwebsitesux!' so it was easier to remember and knowing only robots would see it. Recently, I was sent a seemingly non-form email stating 'You have been identified as user that needs to change your password', though no reason was given as to why. After ignoring the request for a few days, they locked me out of their portal. Other than considering the theory that these passwords are apparently not "need-to-know/IT private", their response begs the following questions: Should I assume someone was offended by my password choice? In this recession, who has the time to manually rifle through user passwords? If the customer is so important to them (as their on-hold recording exclaims), why didn't anyone bother to ask me WHY I think their website sucks?

Submission + - Top Executives Fleeing Cisco (

Networkz82 writes: "Cisco has been in restructuring mode all year, but the big changes happening there haven't stopped legions of Cisco executives from running out of the company like their heads are on fire. CRN takes a look at 10 recent departees from key Cisco executive positions, following on an earlier feature looking at 15 departees from the past year."

Submission + - Chinese Hacked Two US Sattelites in '07 and '08 (

jfruhlinger writes: "On four occasions in 2007 and 2008, NASA lost control of American sattelites for several minutes, due to "interference" that was apparently caused by an outsider hacking into the sattelite's control computer. According to a report, "the responsible party achieved all steps required to command the satellite, but did not issue commands." It appears that the responsible party was China."

Submission + - Difficult Campground WIFI design 1

MahlonS writes: "I am a retired network hack wintering in my RV in a campground in southern GA. 3 years ago I reconfigured the wifi system to a marginal working ability, It now needs a serious upgrade, prompted by a new cable net connection replacing a DSL. 5 dual radio HP access points connect to a 6th via single or double radio hops in heavily wooded space. The main connect is an old Cisco router. Burying wire is frowned upon, due to shallow utilities. Since I'm not up on current wifi tech, are there solutions out there that would make this system work much better?"

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