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Comment Fiber Optic Internet (Score 2) 309

We need to invest in increasing Internet transmission speeds. There are a lot of reasons high speed internet everywhere in the USA and then eventually abroad would be a great investment. For one it would create a lot of jobs to get such a system in place and build a Internet that will have future proof speeds for years to come.

Already people are watching more streaming media than ever before, youtube, netflix, the list goes on. There are numerous other benefits, such as various businesses able to work more quickly and in conjunction with one another. Sending data, like video from various surveillance cameras. Various Entertainment companies sending massive amounts of data such as movies that are being worked on between several companies back and forth to facilitate and streamline the editing process etc.

A lot more people would start to store their data in the "cloud" since a faster internet would enable them to stream their stored media etc in a central and mostly safe location. The demand for that service which has already started to become a big thing would become an amazing and competitive business, it would grow so much faster. Other companies could also deposit other things into your cloud storage, like say if you gave them family videos to convert etc. They could as soon as the process was done send you it in digital format if that's what you wanted.

There are also numerous other reasons such as Telemedicine, Distance Learning and so many other things. A better and faster internet is good for everyone businesses and private users. How many people who also don't have access to high speed internet would potentially buy services from these US businesses which would in turn make more jobs.

Comment Green Building (Score 1) 422

I don't know what your company is planning to build currently but they should look at Green buildings like the amazing Heifer International - Green Building. I have visited it and know someone who was show the various costs month by month running the building and he was amazed at how much they saved on energy, water and all the rest.

The EPA has various funding options I believe for Green Buildings and some places may well offer Tax break incentives to go green. In the long run a well designed Green building pays for itself. It is also a good idea to have good Natural lighting if you can manage it, the Heifer International building is beautifully designed with this in mind.

Another thing to consider is indoor air quality, I remember there was a TED Talk by Kamal Meattle: How to grow fresh air depending where your building is built and the air quality this can be amazingly good for everyone in the office.

I hope you find this useful even if it wasn't exactly what you were seeking.

Submission + - W.T.F.M: Write The Freaking Manual

theodp writes: Blogger Floopsy complains that he would love to RTFM, but can't do so if no one will WTFM. 'You spend hours, days, months, perhaps years refining your masterpiece,' Floopsy laments to creators of otherwise excellent programming language, framework, and projects. 'It is an expression of your life’s work, heart and soul. Why, then, would you shortchange yourself by providing poor or no documentation for the rest of us?' One problem with new program languages, a wise CS instructor of mine noted in the early look-Ma-no-documentation days of C++, is that their creators are not typically professional writers and shy away from the effort it takes to produce even less-than-satisfactory manuals. But without these early efforts, he explained, the language or technology may never gain enough traction for the Big Dogs like O'Reilly to come in and write the professional-caliber books that are necessary for truly widespread adoption. So, how important is quality documentation to you as a creator or potential user of new technologies? And how useful do you find the documentation that tech giants like Google (Go), Twitter (Bootstrap), Facebook (iOS 6 Facebook Integration), Microsoft (Windows Store apps), and Apple (Create Apps for IOS 6) produce to promote their nascent technologies? Is it useful on its own, or do you have to turn to other 'store-bought' documentation to really understand how to get things done?

Comment Injustice for Buyers (Score 1) 593

Previous people have said this, but I will reitterate it, the only people being really effected by this are the paying customers. The people who hack games always find some way around this either through bypassing the check completely or through generated serial keys once they crack the algorithm. If you have enough people hacking the game you could potentially have people with generated keys registering authentic keys. So a person just coming from a store could potentially get a game that is already dead off the shelve. I forsee a great many customer complaints over this soon to come. People who hate EA could also potentially activate serial after serial in an attempt to completely block this product.

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