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Comment Re:DMCA is a federal law (Score 2) 225

Presumably that's why these anti-DMCA laws "would require manufacturers to provide service information and sell repair parts to owners and independent repair shops."

The DMCA might still say you aren't allowed to crack the encryption, but if the car manufacturer is required to give you the unencrypted version for free, you don't need to crack it either.

Comment Re:Money is the way. (Score 1) 244

Profit is theoretically a measure of how much you have served your fellow human beings. (yes, a lot of people have figured out how to cheat the system.) If I want someone to help me with some significant task, I offer them money, which allows them to purchase help with something else from someone else.

In societies small enough to not need money, help in return for help works just fine "You help me build a house today, I help you build yours tomorrow" In a large society, that doesn't work so well. The guy who builds me a house probably doesn't need my help building his, but he probably wants food, a car, gasoline, internet, phone service, etc... I may not be able to give him any of those, but I can give him money which he can then use to get those.

If someone has a bunch of money (that they didn't steal), then that indicates that someone did help a lot of people. It may not have been them (their parents, a generous friend, etc...)

Submission + - How do I get Microsoft to get up off their asses & look at a Windows 10 prob (live.com) 4

mykepredko writes: My product communicates with a host system via Bluetooth (using the Serial Port Profile) and each time a device is connected to a PC a couple of serial ports are allocated. Windows has always had a problem with not automatically disposing of the allocated ports when the connection is removed, but until Windows 10, there were processes for deleting them. This isn't possible for Windows 10 (which apparently has new Serial/Com port and/or Bluetooth drivers) — but individuals, who are apparently working for Microsoft, periodically reply with useless suggestions or attempt to promote questions and ideas as solutions to the problem: http://answers.microsoft.com/e... I suspect that this is an issue for all Windows 10 users (although I guess few people are plugging/unplugging devices) — so how do we get Microsoft to take notice (and not have to pay for them to fix their bug)?

Comment Escort (Score -1) 275

I wonder how viable it would be to just quietly escort flights in that region with stealth aircraft for a while to determine what's actually happening.

Three aircraft, in a short time frame, in a small portion of the globe. Yes, we know one was shot down, but that clustering trips my bullshit detector, even for the other two.

Comment Re:They still exist? (Score 1) 300

After the latest Firefox update, though, typing a search in the address field doesn't go to my preferred (in settings) search engine, but instead to Yahoo.

Firefox stores data about which search engine to use in a set of XML files. If something else gains access to those files, it can edit them to keep the name and icon of, e.g. google, but send the actual search to goatse (or wherever). If you delete the files, then the "restore defaults" button on the "manage search engines" panel will enable, and restore the originals.

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