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Comment Re:Jurors as ex parte expert witnesses (Score 1) 506

THIS. There is a wide field of knowledge and study involving juror selection. Lawyers from all sides get to ask questions of the jury and get some number of exclusions by default. Samsung should have found the techies and patent holders in the jury pool and used their exclusions to kick them out. But they didn't; someone messed up.

(disclaimer: IANAL)

Comment Re:Let the consumer choose (Score 5, Insightful) 347

Are you kidding me? Do you think the average (even above-average) user wants to go through PAGES and PAGES of radio buttons? Rounded vs. sharp corners? Why not allow them to determine just HOW round? Now we've gone from radio buttons to sliders everywhere.

Seriously, customize EVERYTHING? You can do that in Linux - look at how well that worked out for the consumer.

Comment Kindle DX or a tablet (Score 1) 254

The only thing that comes close to an eInk eReader that can handle PDFs well is the Kindle DX ($380). Do not go with a smaller format reader and think you can convert PDF articles to ePub. It turns out really badly - unreadable.

Back when eReaders were the big new thing, many companies were going to come out with a large format reader. PlasticLogic was going to come out with their Que reader, but it was delayed multiple times and cost something like $600. It was dealt a quick and merciful death.

The only sensible options today are the Kindle DX or a tablet. I read plenty of journal articles on my Honeycomb tablet, and it's really not that bad. Certainly not bad enough for me to drop $400 on a dedicated paper-reading device.

The Internet

Researchers Warn of Possible BitTorrent Meltdown 294

secmartin writes "Researchers at Delft University warn that large parts of the BitTorrent network might collapse if The Pirate Bay is forced to shut down. A large part of the available torrents use The Pirate Bay as tracker, and other available trackers will probably be overloaded if all traffic is shifted there. TPB is currently using eight servers for their trackers. According to the researchers, even trackerless torrents using the DHT protocol will face problems: 'One bug in a DHT sorting routine ensures that it can only "stumble upon success", meaning torrent downloads will not start in seconds or minutes if Pirate Bay goes down in flames.'"

Inside Factory China 135

blackbearnh writes "While China is attempting to pull its industry up out of mere manufacturing mode, for now the country is the production workhorse of the consumer electronics industry. Almost anything you pick up at a Best Buy first breathed life across the Pacific Ocean. But what is it like to shepherd a product through the design and production process? Andrew 'bunnie' Huang has done just that with the Chumby, a new Internet appliance. In an interview with O'Reilly Radar, he talks about the logistical and moral issues involved with manufacturing in China, as well as his take on the consumer's right to hack the hardware they purchase."

Submission + - Replacement Program for Wrist Straps Used with Wii

justelite writes: "Oh my Nintendo! Nintendo are in trouble with Wii? After the big success Nintendo has now some issues with wrist straps...
from article: If consumers swing the hand-held "Wii Remote" game controllers using excessive force and accidentally let go, the cord connecting the controller to the wrist strap can break, potentially causing the controller to strike bystanders or objects."

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