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Comment So... Moller sold his designs to Airbus? (Score 1) 135

I didn't read that, but it's the same, held-aloft-by-four-fans design that Moller has been hawking for decades, which means that just like Moller's "Skycar", it's going to fly just slightly better than a grand piano if even one of those engines goes out. Not over my neighborhood, thank you.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 240

I'd say it depends more on how you define "get it done". I can perform any of my regular chores on my laptop, but not as quickly nor as easily. My desktop has more grunt per dollar spent on the basic platform, and has three displays and a much friendlier mouse and keyboard. For my workload, looking from one monitor to another is a lot more effective than alt-tab, repeat.

Comment Calm down, everyone. (Score 1) 504

We've managed to get our puppet government installed, so there will be no crisis for the fossil fuel industry any time soon. You'll have plenty of time to move your personal interests out of those companies while staying below the radar of what regulators may still be on the job later this year.

- Your friends, The Fossil Fuel Lobby

Comment Re:And how many (Score 1) 83


That is the point. In the "Five Eyes" (US, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ), data is being collected, and it is possible that maybe someday that data could be used to roundup and arrest dissidents or people that question authority.

Exactly, and it's already started. I certainly feel just a little bit less safe since the election last month, given the incoming administration's plainly stated intent to violate my Constitutional rights. Then again, they're probably going to have a bitch of a time pinning down the political leanings of a liberal who likes guns and NASCAR, so I may be safe for a while.

Comment Re:Dear Matthew (Score 1) 531

I am sorry that...

No. You are not, so let's dispense with the bullshit. M'kay? You are flat fucking delighted that technology has reached a point where you can ship work to places where labor is cheaper, thus increasing profit and, of course, your bonus. You don't give a shit that your actions suck all those wages straight out of the domestic economy, and you're happy as hell that there are no regulations prohibiting it.

Comment "We have great desktops in our roadmap..." (Score 1) 307

"...hundreds... thousands of them. People are telling me all the time how great our desktops are, and believe me, our great desktops are going to make America great again. Nobody can innovate like us. We're going to save this country...."

I don't know. Maybe Tim should not spend any more time with The Donald. Empty promises are the last thing that Apple needs to be making right now, when it comes to a market segment that they have neglected for so long.

Comment Re:"Suggesting" ... (Score 1) 715

And you aren't concerned that a foreign country directly altered the outcome of an election here?

I'm more concerned that a domestic party nearly got away with doing the same thing.

IF you believe the Russian hacker bullshit (and we have seen ZERO evidence of it), all they did was expose truth.

The evidence is abundant and incontrovertible, the sore-winner party's whining notwithstanding. Also, "all they did" was commit a crime and use the fruits of that crime to tilt an election. Kind of a different thing. Ya know?

Comment or less than 15%? (Score 1) 97

If they plan to be the Uber of trucking, they would start at something slightly less than 15% and then jack it up after they drive their competitors out of business and become the monopoly provider.

Yes, that's very likely what they will do. That is the magic of the "free market". Eventually, a bigger, badder competitor, with deeper pockets, will beat you up and take away your lunch money. Only a stinking socialist would find fault with that, right?

Comment Re:Except they didn't. (Score 1) 455

Solution to the problem? It's not that hard.
Schedule an end to the H1-B program. Send the remaining time investing in education and training of American workers so that they can do the job. Watch the "free market" dictate the wages to be paid to this pool of workers.

Yes, it is really just that simple. When you can't dip into a pool of labor that is willing to work for pennies, and instead have to actually compete in attracting talent, the free market magic works. No, spare me the "global economy" bullshit.

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