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Comment Re:This is the same guy (Score 1, Insightful) 384

Doesn't mean he isn't right.

Maybe, but he should do some research on Bluetooth before making recommendations. It appears that Bluetooth 5.0 may provide support for higher quality audio.

From Wiki: Bluetooth 5 was announced in June 2016. It will quadruple the range, double the speed, and an eight-fold increase in data broadcasting capacity of low energy Bluetooth connections, in addition to adding functionality for connection-less services like location-relevant information and navigation

Oh, well then. That's different. That ought to allow me to play my mp3 files, in all their shitty lossy resolution, quite faithfully. Jeezuz, talk about a pointless gripe. Fix the music industry's (and Apple's) focus on mp3 first, then we can bitch about the fidelity of Bluetooth.

Comment Re:Attribution is still important (Score 1) 272

Because if you really believe that Putin's goons intervene into your elections to promote honesty, integrity, and democracy, you are wrong, very wrong, and I doubt it can be fixed.

Do we actually have any proof that Russia is involved? This is just the spin to divert us from the content of the leaks.

Well, FireEye seems to think that they have a smoking gun. Oh, right. FireEye is just another liberal bias security company. Right...

Comment Re:Why do you speak on behalf of the rest of socie (Score 1) 272

The NSA should make it its PRIMARY MISSION to warn industry about the exploits it finds rather than keep them secret for years while our foreign adversaries also utilize them to undermine us.

Fine let the NSA use newly discovered exploits for 90 days to give the US a head start in both fixing our own systems and exploiting the vulnerability, but then mandate that the NSA inform industry to fix the security vulnerabilities WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

Oh, my. What quaint naivete. Child, what makes you think the NSA is not sharing it's intel with it's corporate overlords? The fact that it isn't shared publicly? If you were in a position to do so, wouldn't you insist on an exclusivity clause? That's a huge competitive advantage, worth a fair chunk of change. Why in the world would you let that "investment" be squandered by some bullshit, social responsibility notion? Poke fun at my foil hat if you like, but for amount of money that we're talking about here, not much is really in the "too paranoid" category, and certainly not the notion that there are other customers of the NSA's output.

Comment Re:Attribution is still important (Score 0) 272

Because if you really believe that Putin's goons intervene into your elections to promote honesty, integrity, and democracy, you are wrong, very wrong, and I doubt it can be fixed.

Do we actually have any proof that Russia is involved? This is just the spin to divert us from the content of the leaks.

Uhm... no. The attribution came from multiple independent security researchers with from more credibility than whoever gave you the spin idea (cough... Fox News).
Nice try. Thanks for playing.

Comment Re:How much for a de-gorped phone? (Score 1) 198

Its easy. Just don't buy your phone from the carrier.

And another Rand fan boy is heard from...
Sorry, boy, but your free market idealism fails, for the same reason all free market idealism fails - consumers are not able to make intelligent decisions. No, that is not the same as saying consumers are not intelligent. The mythical free market requires that consumers are free to choose the goods and services they need from a competitive marketplace. Most consumers of smartphones lack the technical expertise to do as you suggest, buying a phone from some source other than the carrier or it's agent. This leaves them at the mercy of a carrier (and it's agents) who will exploit this by forcing egregious terms onto the consumer.

Hell, I am technically savvy enough to buy an unlocked phone and the service I want/need, but I don't want to. It's a hassle I don't have time for, so I will pay a reasonable premium for a phone free of crap-ware. Since there is nowhere enough competition in the space to make that a reality, I will settle for regulation making it so.

Comment Re:Duh! (Score 1) 399

Republicans won't listen to science, you think Facebook posts are going to make a difference?

He's got you there, my friend. Indeed, I would submit that Republicans, more often than not, won't listen to reason. But then I'm probably not being fair to an awful lot of Republicans, lumping them all in with those who think Trump is the answer to their prayers. But then again, virtually all Republicans think Ronald Reagan was their messiah, when the facts show something much darker for the average Republican voter. So yeah, don't expect facts or reason to sway the Republican faithful on Facebook.

Comment Re:Duh! (Score 1) 399

It's ironic, but the same is also true for Democrats. Democrats constantly use pseudo science to justify their non-scientific position and ideology. Worse, for many on the left, science is becoming their religion. So you wind up with two religiously dogmatic zealots arguing about who's idiocy is best.

[citation needed]
With the exceptional outlier of the anti-vaxers (largely a liberal phenomenon) the facts would seem to be against you. Please support your assertion.

Comment Re:Either may be more profitable, but competition (Score 4, Insightful) 95

It's not illegal at all - how do you think Verizon is rolling out FiOS? If you wanted to launch the Raymorris Cable Company, and deploy service in NYC, you could certainly do so, provided you (a) could show you had sufficient financial backing to be a viable concern, and (b) agreed to cover at least a large portion of the city, if not all, and weren't just going to cherry-pick affluent neighborhoods.

Oh, you mean like Google, who is being fought at every turn, by incumbent carriers as it seeks to expand into those underserved markets. I'll say it, Internet service is a utility. It should be treated as such and regulated as such. There a many ways to do this, some better than others. If we look at electricity, for example, the public utility model is demonstrably the best. The operators of the utility are beholden to the ratepayers/electorate, not stockholders, and that makes all the difference in the world.

Comment Re:So nobody has the fastest internet? (Score 2, Insightful) 101

The last thing I want is every ISP commercial followed by 25 seconds of a guy reciting disclaimers like we are at with pharmaceutical ads. Fucking lawyers.

Right. We should all just trust what our corporate betters tell us. After the all, they're richer and smarter than us, so they must know better than anyone, especially dirty government regulators, what's best for us. Advertising shouldn't have to truthful, just truthy. Right?
Fucking dim-witted Rand fan boys.

Comment Re:When is Government Going to Get Off Our Backs! (Score 1) 90

So Comcast steals from its customers because zOMG SOOOOCIALISM! So Comcast puts you through the wringer for daring to cancel their "service" because zOMG SOOOOOCIALISM! Don't put any rules at all on business and we'll all be drinking that free bubble up and eating that rainbow stew, just like we were about 1880 or so before the zOMG SOOOOCIALISTS! ruined everything. And here I thought thievery was the fault of the thief, and Republicans were about personal responsibility.

Whoosh much?

Comment When is Government Going to Get Off Our Backs! (Score 5, Funny) 90

The Comcasts of the world are the backbone of the U.S. economy, the job creators, shining examples of the free market at work. And yet again, we have government coming in to ride rough-shod over a company with a long history of innovation and customer service. If only there were a candidate who was a real leader when it came to business. Then we'd see things change for the better...
...OK. I give up. I can't type with a straight face anymore.

Comment Re:Who cares..?? (Score 1) 704

And if enough people do what you are proposing you will never end up with anything other then the choice between dumb and dumber. If all the D's who hate Hillary and R's who hate Trump would vote for one third party candidate instead US politics would be reformed overnight. Instead D and R continue the charade that nothing but Roe Vs Wade matters.

Wrong again. It has been said that all politics is local. If you want to see change, get involved in the Democratic party and do your part to make it into what you want to see. Don't be like the disaffected dipshits who are walking away from the election just because their candidate didn't get nominated.

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