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Comment Re:WebRTC (Score 1) 237

Not for ever - they are working on a method of doing bridge-based WebRTC which is nevertheless end-to-end secure - see . AIUI, the way it works is that it established point-to-point encrypted tunnels between the endpoints for key distribution so the bridge isn't able to decrypt the data even if it wanted to, and yet, you don't need N->N transmission of streams.


Comment Re: Summary is kind of confusing (Score 1) 24

No, Vulkan is not superseding OpenGL. Vulkan is a low level API and although it can be used directly by applications, it's not its main use case. It's mostly intended for use by game engines and similar middlewareon, which application are then based. OpenGL is a high level API, which is intended to be used directly by applications.

Submission + - After deadly China tornado, rescuers clean up hazardou

Piolo Xander writes: BEIJING, June 26 (Reuters) — Rescue workers have been trying
to safely dispose of hazardous chemicals after a deadly tornado
hit eastern China on Thursday, killing at least 98 people and
injuring more than 800 others, Chinese state media reported late
on Saturday.

Submission + - US Navy to Test Powerful 150-Kilowatt Laser (

schwit1 writes: The U.S. Navy, which has already developed a 30-kilowatt laser that has been used operationally, will soon test a new directed energy weapon that is five times more powerful, said the vice chief of naval operations July 23.

The Office of Naval Research “will perform a shipboard test of a 150-killowatt laser weapon system in the near future,” said Adm. Bill Moran during a speech at Booz Allen Hamilton’s Directed Energy Summit, which was held in Washington, D.C.

The Navy’s 30-kilowatt laser weapon is currently onboard the USS Ponce. The system, which has been used operationally in the Persian Gulf, offers military leaders precision accuracy at a low cost, Moran said.

The laser weapon system, or LaWs, "has an extremely low-cost per engagement ratio,” he said. “We’re spending pennies on the dollars every time we use that capability.”

Submission + - Mozilla Offers More Money To Open Source Projects (

Gerv writes: Last year, Mozilla started a fund to provide financial support to open source projects they use or rely on, to the tune of $1M. Now, they've extended the program with another $1.25M, and any open source project can apply — as long as what it's doing furthers the Mozilla mission, in the eyes of the awards committee. Deadline for the first round of applications is May 31st.

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