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Comment Re:Bullshit conclusion (Score 2, Insightful) 386

Choice is a conscious process, otherwise you're not making the decision (or not aware of the "illusion"). If you're not conscious, there's no way to prove consciousness exists. To prove someone doesn't have free will you'd have to explain that all the processes involved don't involve consciousness. Which is difficult at the moment as we can't explain consciousness.

Comment Re:Determinism? (Score 1) 230

Position is the first derivative of velocity, defined as lim(h->0) (v(t+h)+v(t))/h. As h approaches 0, this equation blows up to plus or minus infinity.

It can do that, but physical derivatives are usually well-behaved. Even General Relativity is mostly well-behaved except for the singularities inside black holes, and maybe the ones outside (toroidal) black holes. Take v(t) = 0 as a trivial example. lim(h->0) (0 + 0)/h. As h approaches 0, this equation is equal to 0. Scientists accept the "odd" behaviors of quantum mechanics because they agree with experiment. A deterministic theory would have "odd" behaviors too. If you want to see why, here might be a good starting point.

Comment Re:That's nice. (Score 0) 152

If it can use parallelism, then the time per frame is set by making the film in a timely manner while spending as little money as possible. So the ratio of computer time to actual film time will be about 10k on average. Whereas 30-40 hours/frame is about 5,000k! I'm guessing that rate was per computer, and that's why they needed thousands of them. Was the entire film animated?

Comment Re:No sympathy (Score 1) 109

Apparently a peer-to-peer file transfer protocol can be used to transfer files from one peer to another. And... err... Chewbacca lives on the planet Endor, therefore coping files is stealing, we've always been at war with Eastasia, and you have to compensate people for their work, because... they've not lost anything?

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