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Comment Re:The are cashes FOR hard drives (Score 1) 109

The cache worked so well that the HDD would spin down because it wasn't being accessed. Ideally I'd have stopped the HDD spinning down, but at the time it wasn't too much of a problem. Obviously the cache can't provide data it doesn't have, and this can result in processes waiting for the HDD to spin up. The cache was a 64Gb SSD, although I can't remember if RST used all of that or about a half.

Comment Re:The are cashes FOR hard drives (Score 1) 109

I used it for a bit on my desktop machine. My OS was on a newer - at the time - SSD, and my old SSD got used as cache for my HDD. The cache worked very well, so good, in fact, that my system would occasionally pause while the HDD spun up after a cache-miss. However, it wasn't long before I'd switched to just SSDs for my desktop machine and the HDD got stuffed in a NAS (where I wouldn't have to listen to it).

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