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Comment Re:Is there anything magical about sleep? (Score 1) 300

Is there anything magical about sleep?

It's a combination of things, but sleep is an important one.

Since I've let go of the stress of working fulltime in IT (at start of the year) and get to sleep according to my own natural rhythm, and listened to my body to eat only when it really needs food I've lost 10kgs.

It also gave me more energy and a desire to pick up exercising again.

Comment Re:How about it pays well? (Score 2) 282

Did you mean "another job that pays less than your current job"?

Because anyone will take more pay for what they are doing. It's more a question of would you be willing to take a pay cut and work less?

I got so fed up and stressed with having to fix stupid IT problems that I quit the company and only do projects. So far, while taking it easy to recharge myself, I've made half of what I got in a month but only worked a fifth of the time. The rest of the time I spend writing and drawing, trying to start making some money selling ebooks and I'm slowly feeling that I will be happier with this lifestyle than I've ever been before.

We work to live, not live to work as they say.

Comment Re:I'm torn.... (Score 1) 663

You don't have to go outside to exercise, look up the first Convict Conditioning book.

I can't do all because I have nowhere to hang from, but the pushup, handstand, squat and bridge go a long way.
I never lost weight (scale stays on 108kg), but the arms on two of my favorite shirts are getting tight (mostly from doing frequent handstands).

Comment Re:Keen redefined (Score 1) 26

I installed a preview a little while ago when I heard it was available but I haven't had much time to look deeper into it. Most obvious was that it still looked the same as 2012 with the horrible management interface.
When you deal with Windows servers it's better to check out the previews so you know what to deal with when it reaches RTM.

I'm actually more interested in the next Hyper-V server as we have deployed this at some single server customers.
Did a quick comparison installing server 2008 guests and installation on Hyper-V 2012 R2 was a *lot* slower than on Proxmox 3.4.

Comment Re:Look for other users of the S/W for advice (Score 5, Insightful) 150

Precisely this. Do not look at the hardware for hardware's sake, look at the needs to run the software as best as you can. Does it benefit from parallelism? Throw tons of Opteron cores at it. Does it benefit from speed? Get the fastest Intels. Can it do everything in RAM? Stuff the servers with it, etc. etc.. Also, if it is built to scale, start with one or two servers, then see what kind of load it causes and base the next nodes you add on that data. You might even want to consider starting off with a virtual environment for portability to other hardware or cloud providers.

Comment Re:Associate of Science in Networking... (Score 1) 173

First thing I was wondering about is what constitutes a "significant amount of training as network administrator" if you have to ask a question like this.
Or is an AAS so basic they don't even teach portforwarding has an option to use alternative ports? (don't ever use the standard remote desktop ports in the first place)
Having had to teach basic network troubleshoting skills to guys fresh out of school already made me doubt the level of education nowadays.

Comment Re:Real users use (Score 1) 267

Which is why you want a desktop environment that "gets out of your way"

Which is exactly why I went to fluxbox some time ago after having used KDE mostly with a short time of Ubuntu with Gnome 2 in between.
I just wanted to easily get to the applications I use daily and not be distracted by dialogs I didn't care about. And fluxbox gave me exactly that; simple, functional window decorations and a taskbar that I could turn off because I can open the fluxbox menu with a key combination. My desktop is empty aside from osdclock.
I also prefer any application that does what it's meant to do and not bother me with unwanted tips or tricks.
And if I want to go flashy I use feh to cycle through wallpapers (yes, of raunchy midget-horse porn with some hot grits and what's-her-face thrown in for subtle flavouring, you bunch of insensitive clods!)

Comment Re:Depends (Score 2) 517

every Windows installation slows down with usage, to the point of requiring to be formatted

Not neccessarily. I made a maintenance procedure clearing temporary files and registry with ccleaner and MyDefrag to organize files on disk for our customers and it solves most slowdown by far (excluding the usual malware toolbars etc.)
That eliminated most re-installs and uneccesary expenses. Not to mention losing preferences.

Comment Re:104Mb (Score 4, Informative) 85

Windows 8.1 can run on a 16 GB partition with 1 GB of ram

Debian testing, Libreoffice, Eclipse, GIMP, Iceweasel, a whole bunch of other programs and utilities; 10G used on disk (including 2.3G home directory), about 1G RAM actively used of 3, the rest is cache.

No matter how you look at it, Microsoft has never been in the lean and mean camp. Neither with OS nor Office, database, virtualisation software.
Maybe open source development fosters a more efficient use of hardware by its nature?

Comment Re:What Is Going On? (Score 1) 52

Just read the summary at the link, but it feels to me like it's the plot of a horror B movie.
The protagonists seem to be making the same dumb choices the teenagers do in the haunted house that gets them killed.
Maybe it's good, but the summary didn't entice me to look further into it.

Comment Re:Dear Microsoft. (Score 1) 133

I don't use those one-stop-shop distros like Ubuntu, Fedora,etc.. I prefer to start with a clean distro and only add what I want to (Debian, fluxbox, links2, xmms). That's what I love about the *nixes.
And that's why I make a more concious effort on my installations which (time=money)!=cheapskate, which was my point to the parent.
Since running a simple, clean desktop I can never get comfortable using Windows (desktop nor server).

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