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Comment Re:Tagged Microsoft? (Score 1) 224

Just because you have a feature rich, mature, popular, cross platform office suite that costs $0.00 doesn't mean... oh wait.

Which makes a mistake in the number of reported MS Office licenses pretty costly; Dutch police paid nearly 3 million too much when 14000 licenses were listed but unused. linky to Dutch news
Microsoft refused to pay back and now it's in court.

Comment Re:Funny (Score 1) 119

Server 2016 is same OS base too. No thanks until MS hires a QA department back.

What I experienced this week; the update service crashed other services out of the blue without a clue, found out nic teaming doesn't work as expected after nic 1 was disconnected, losing connections from half the network, and DHCP loadbalancing made clients disconnect from the network often for several seconds.

Applause for Microsoft and their wondeful job of delivering a stable, high quality server OS with critical services to synchronise an administrator's email, documents and media files online and use XBox online services. *claps slowly*

Comment Why? (Score 2) 127

This now makes me wonder what reason there could be to run Ubuntu on Windows instead of Windows on Linux. For the few pieces of software like CAD (or games) I can understand, but then I can't think of a use for those professionals to use Linux in a virtual machine.

So, what scenario would fit best to use Linux on Windows instead of Windows on Linux for the professional? (I myself use Proxmox as a desktop with severeal machines for testing on it)

Comment Re:I'll wait for the rips (Score 1) 40

I always use crf with x264, like I always used q with xvid.
For me it was about keeping the same quality, but be able to store two to three times as many movies on disk for safe keeping (without the added junk).

I've already had a few DVD's with rot so I want to store them on BTRFS RAID.

Comment I'll wait for the rips (Score 1) 40

A media file of 89GB gets a bit too much to casually test conversions myself.

I do wonder how large the files will be when ripping in various codecs. With some DVD's the resulting x264 and xvid conversions didn't differ much in size (with equal quality), probably because of grain and smoke.

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