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Comment Re:I'll wait for the rips (Score 1) 40

I always use crf with x264, like I always used q with xvid.
For me it was about keeping the same quality, but be able to store two to three times as many movies on disk for safe keeping (without the added junk).

I've already had a few DVD's with rot so I want to store them on BTRFS RAID.

Comment I'll wait for the rips (Score 1) 40

A media file of 89GB gets a bit too much to casually test conversions myself.

I do wonder how large the files will be when ripping in various codecs. With some DVD's the resulting x264 and xvid conversions didn't differ much in size (with equal quality), probably because of grain and smoke.

Comment Re:B-B-B-But... (Score 1) 302

I had a discussion about this just this evening with a friend. He states the EU shouldn't charge that amount to Apple, but to Ireland itself since it's Ireland that struck a bargain with Apple.
I agree on part of it, but Ireland could never pay that amount, certainly not on the backs of the Irish. They'd take the first boat to leave the country if the government did that so it's a bit more obvious to make Apple pay who should have known a low tax rate as they had could never have been correct.

I think Tim left out after saying he'd bring back those profits to the US that they'd end up in another deal and loophole and stay safe an sound on the Apple bank account.

Comment Also on phone! (Score 1) 54

One of the new guys at the office has installed Kali on his phone and had a lot of fun checking out websites while being bored on vacation. He refrained from actually using holes to do someting, which shows I was right in saying we needed to hire him after graduation. :-)

So, you can even be more covert using Kali in public places without attracting attention with a laptop.

Comment Re:What the assholes at Microsoft with their toy-O (Score 1) 133

FYI, the work environment IS my concern because right now I'm the only one with enough experience and skill to take care of problems at the clients.

And I actually quit part ownership of the company because the stress of having to deal with the increased stupidity of marketing companies like Microsoft all day and night got to me.
Now I just help out with the difficult stuff as long as the guys don't know what to do and as for the rest, *shrugs* I stopped caring about life so who cares what happens next.

I'm writing now and despite it not bringing in any money I feel better than ever.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 1) 184

I hardly eat breakfast early in the morning and eat only just after noon and later in the evening, so that had no influence on weight.

And on occasion I don't feel hungry until late in the afternoon or early evening, so then I've only eaten once during the day.

So, timing is pretty regular, and it fits most of the time with respect to lunch hour at the office and the end of the day.

As with everything, you take small steps to enable your body to get used to it, and just in case hunger strikes at the wrong hour, take some snack bars, or what we have here, sort of cookies with raisins in them, to the office for a quick bite.

And important is to have patience. Permanent weightloss is a slow process. I'm surprised it has been 2kgs a month for me.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 4, Informative) 184

It's all bullshit pseudo science.

That's what I concluded from years of following discussions, and I never even tried to start any fad diet.

The one thing I started with after reducing my working days to just a few hours was only eat when I'm really hungry.
Not when I feel peckish or something looks good. No, my stomach gives a clear signal that the body needs food and then I eat. And with just a little restraint at first and stop eating when I feel full enough, my portions became automatically smaller.
Since the start of the year I've gone down from 110kg to hitting 96kg on the scale as of last week. With the increased energy I also did a bit more weightlifting.

Even my girl who's overweight has followed my lead and only started eating when really hungry has lost 4 to 5 kg in just over 1 month (with light exercise). She now has more energy and feels much better.

Comment Re:Is there anything magical about sleep? (Score 1) 300

Is there anything magical about sleep?

It's a combination of things, but sleep is an important one.

Since I've let go of the stress of working fulltime in IT (at start of the year) and get to sleep according to my own natural rhythm, and listened to my body to eat only when it really needs food I've lost 10kgs.

It also gave me more energy and a desire to pick up exercising again.

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