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Comment Re:About time common sense prevailed! (Score 1) 292

Arbitrary rules reduce respect for the necessary ones. For example: No headphones during take-off? Makes perfect sense - take-off is one of the most sensitive times of the flight. If someone needs to yell directions, you need to hear them. Reading a book on your Kindle? Not so much.

This seems similar to people creating backronyms, insisting there must be a valid reason for these rules even if it's not the one we're told, why do you think it's necessary? Air Canada apparently don't think it's necessary to not wear headphones, they only require that they are connected to the in cabin entertainment systems rather than a personal device, but you are free to wear your headphones and use the entertainment during takeoff and landing.

Comment Re:Pixel peepers... (Score 1) 204

Yes, the pictures look "quite nice", so what?
Do they look significantly better than what Sony, Samsung or Apple have in their top end phones? Not really, and none of those phones are nearly 2cm thick at the camera module.
It's an interesting tech demo, but that's really about it at the moment.

Comment What is the point of Google TV? (Score 4, Interesting) 107

I've heard the article, seen the videos, digested the spiel, but I still don't see why I'd want a Google TV box.
It's a standalone box that isn't a DVR, isn't a games console and doesn't play physical media like DVDs/BRs. And it was $300 at launch, did they seriously think they had a winner there?
It seems to be a solution to a problem that no one else thinks is a problem, if it had a least been integrated with a physical media player, or DVR (and I mean been a DVR, not sort of linked up to an external unit), it could have been justified as a replacement for something I already had, as it was it was just another expensive device wanting one of the limited HDMI ports on my TV.

Comment Re:Are there any geeks in Congress? (Score 1) 278

I've actually considered running for office for these types of laws to be passed (REAL net-neutrality, get rid of software patents, etc).

Unless you can convince large corporate donors, trial lawyers, unions, etc. that this is in their best interest, you haven't a prayer of getting elected, much less enacting any legislation.

If you want to change the way things work, you need to become very rich first. After which, you'll have a vested interest in making sure things don't change. This is true in all democracies.

And even assuming you managed to raise enough funding you then need to convince enough people in a particular area that your one issue stance is so important that they should vote for you ahead of any more rounded candidates, good luck.

Comment Smart Meters != Energy Monitors (Score 5, Informative) 375

Firstly a lot of people in here seem to be confusing Smart Meters with Energy Monitors. The former replaces the old dial meter and it supposed to communicate with other meters in the area and/or directly with the energy supplier for billing and better tracking of consumption.

Energy Monitors are those devices which clamp around lines by your meter and communicate to a box in your house giving you an idea of your realtime energy use.

Comment Re:Efficiency check (Score 1) 359

The displacement number in rotary engines is quite misleading.

So true, it drives me nuts to see people going on about how awesome it is "and only a 1.3 litre engine". When you realise that this measurement for a wankel only gives you one rotation of the output shaft compared to 2 rotations for a 4cyl 4 stroke it doesn't look so great anymore and you see why the fuel economy sucks.

Comment Re:Hypocrisy (Score 2) 917

I'm not sure how it works in the US but here in the UK a subsidised phone is yours to do as you wish with irrespective of the length of the contract. They discount the price (down to free sometimes) obviously based on the expected income from the life of the contract, but the phone is not leased to you during the contract it's wholly yours.

Comment Better Article Here (Score 5, Informative) 91

There in a link in the comments section to a much better article that explains why even though these fossils are from Africa they are being linked to primate origins in Asia.

Comment Re:Still unfair.. (Score 2, Informative) 1036

Absolutely untrue. Common law marriages are not recognised for tax purposes, but they are (in certain situations) recognised for deciding ownership of things if you split up.

No, the term does not exist (in the UK), splitting property simply comes down to what you can prove. You paid for it by yourself, it's yours. You paid jointly without something to show how much came from each person you own it jointly. The point is cohabiting with someone you consider your partner confers no benefits or rights beyond cohabiting with friends or random people when you were a student. If you can find anything to the contrary I'll happily recant.

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