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Comment Same for small plane crashes (Score 1) 165

The media are all over small plane crashes much the same way, giving a highly distorted view of just how safe aviation is. Aviation organizations like AOPA have started to get on the media's case about this.

If they reported car crashes with the same enthusiasm the "news" would be nothing but car crashes.


Comment Re:What happens, when a gag order is violated? (Score 4, Insightful) 60

First, Google has been released from the gag order on this NSL, so as I understand it Google could publish the letter now with no penalty.

Second, the constitutionality of these gag orders has been seriously challenged, so if Google was willing a fight they could probably publish any NSL they wished. Gag orders have historically been the purview of courts, and judges take a dim view of other people doing their job for them.

Third, it's safe to assume Google tracks revisions to their pages, so yes, they would soon know who made the 'mistake'. Also, a letter like this should be shared with extremely few people within the company, so it shouldn't be hard to follow the chain until suspicious activity is found. Punishment for this sort of mishandling would be limited to a fine, however, so the FBI would go after Google's deep pockets rather than try to pin the crime on an individual. The employee should be safe from criminal charges, though not, presumably, from Google discipline.

Comment "Proof" required for the full payment (Score 4, Funny) 85

Proof that You Used The Other OS Functionality.
The following are acceptable forms of proof of use:

  • proof that you purchased a version of Linux that was compatible with and was installed on your Fat PS3 before April 1, 2010;
  • proof that you downloaded a version of Linux that was compatible with and was installed on your Fat PS3 before April 1, 2010;
  • a screenshot (or picture) showing Linux operating on your Fat PS3;
  • a screenshot (or picture) showing that a portion of your PS3 hard drive is still formatted for the Other OS with Linux installed;
  • proof of communication between you and SCEA or a third party dated before December 31, 2010 that discusses your use of the Other OS or concerns with Update 3.21 due to your use, including but not limited to, copies of an email from or message board posting by you containing such discussion; or
  • any other documentary proof that you used the Other OS before April 1, 2010 that the Settlement Administrator reasonably determines to be valid.

What about writing out a valid tar command?

Comment Re:Oh No! Trump opened his mouth again! (Score 1) 756

Sorry to reply to myself, but I didn't explain that very well at all.

If you believe it's right because other people (do / do it) too, it's bandwagon.

If you believe it's wrong but justify it because someone else also did wrong, it's two wrongs make a right.

Since the OP isn't arguing what he said is OK ("he's a sexist scumbag") the latter fits better IMO.

Comment How corrupt can you get? (Score 3, Informative) 756

I mean, by that logic, Slashdotters should be moderating Slashdot.

Seriously though, regulators, like bosses, need to have experience in their industries. Every week we boo and hiss at clueless legislators coming in and trying to regulate the Internet or ban encryption or somesuch. The challenge is finding 'insiders' who can still see things in a broader perspective and aren't in the pocket of the people they're supposed to be regulating (a.k.a. regulatory capture). They're tough to find, but if you look hard enough you can find good people like Tom Wheeler.

I've read through some of the emails and so far I haven't found anything damning, just politically inconvenient truths. It's sad we've become so accustomed to pandering and sugar-coated soundbytes that when politicians actually speak honestly it leaves us sour.

Comment Re:Bandwidth?! (Score 1) 105

Depends on the color. Normal (24bpp RGB) means around 50GBit/s at 60Hz. HDR may increase the bitrate, chroma subsampling (lower color resolution) may decrease it.

DisplayPort 1.3 tops out at 26GBit/s, barely enough for 30Hz 24-bit.

DisplayPort 1.4 is the same speed but adds compression that should permit 60Hz HDR.

HDMI doesn't currently support 8k at any refresh rate but may be superseded in a couple years by SuperMHL, which supposedly will handle 8K at 120Hz.

Comment Re:can't wait not to buy it (Score 2) 49

For the same reason people like laptops: looks better, no cable mess, less space required, easy to relocate. Nothing wrong with that.

But the problem with most all-in-ones is that manufacturers aren't really serious about them and manufacture them in limited quantities. Once they're taken off the market the parts channels dry up fast, so when something like a power supply fails the machine is toast.

Because of this, the iMac is about the only AIO I'd recommend; it's not hard to find replacement parts for ones even a decade old. Let the fashion-conscious buy this Surface AIO for now; in a few years, if Microsoft stays committed and sales are strong, I might give it a closer look.

Comment Re:duh.... (Score 2) 121

It's a complete rewrite, and it uses a lot more *standards* like ES6 and Web Components. Many of the changes in Angular 2 have been replacing Angular's own features with polyfills awaiting native browser support.

Admittedly the new standards are, well, new and take some getting used to, but they add a lot of sorely needed improvements and in time developers will be glad Angular went this route rather than sticking with their old workarounds and proprietary implementations.

Comment Re:Swift is always doing non compat updates (Score 5, Interesting) 148

The language just turned two years old, and they've been saying for a while that the language wouldn't be 'stable' until version 3.0.

Nothing is perfect on day one, after all, and Swift borrowed a lot of terribly ugly library methods from Obj-C to make the transition easier. Cleaning all that up for 3.0 will cause some short-term headaches but make future code a lot less cumbersome.

Hopefully from here on the changes will be relatively minor.

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