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Submission + - Sun Leaves No Shock Wave in its Wake (

astroengine writes: "The sun and all that surrounds it — us included — are having a slower ride through space than originally thought, new findings from a NASA satellite shows. Precise measurements of neutrally charged particles such as helium flowing into the solar system from interstellar space show the heliosphere — the region of space under the sun's influence — is moving at 52,000 mph relative to the outside environment. That's a change from 59,000 mph measured by NASA's now-defunct Ulysses spacecraft. That 7,000-mph difference may not sound like much, but the effect of the speed is squared.

"This reduction of 7,000 mph is a reduction of about 25 percent of the pressure pushing on the heliosphere that we thought was there is actually there," David McComas, lead scientist for NASA's Interstellar Boundary Explorer, or IBEX, told Discovery News. The upshot is that no shock wave is being produced by the sun's heliosphere in the interstellar medium we're in now."


Submission + - Why Your Wi-Fi Is Too Slow, And How To Fix It (

jfruh writes: "There was a time when Wi-Fi, particularly 802.11n, was so much faster than most people's Internet connections that it didn't seem worth the bother to troubleshoot connections that weren't as fast as the spec promised. But with more and more people connected via high-speed broadband and using their internal networks to stream high-definition video, many are finding subpar Wi-Fi networks to be a bottleneck. Here's a list of possible solutions that will help you squeeze all the speed you can out of your current Wi-Fi setup (and yes, "overcome the laws of physics" is on the list)."

Comment Patent Trolling (Score 1) 267

Sounds to me like Google is playing the system as it is currently designed to be played - but with a different intent. I hope they continue to file for more and more ridiculous patents until the real patent trolls (or, more importantly, the government) have nothing left but to call for reform.
The Military

Submission + - Tweaked, Air Force to blast second hypersonic jet (

coondoggie writes: "Air Force researchers said they a prepped for a second test run of its X-51A Waverider hypersonic jet which they ultimately expect to hit speeds upwards of Mach 6. The X-51 test will be the second of flight of the four scramjets built for the Air Force tests by Boeing and Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne"

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