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Comment Re: Lesson 1 (Score 1) 310

Most schools are paid for using property taxes levied from the areas where the schools operate. If you don't want to pay the property tax burden that includes that, live on property in a different jurisdiction, or move to a place that funds them differently, etc. But with Obamacare, you have a federal mandate forcing you to buy a service. If you are a 60 year old nun, you're still having to buy an insurance plan that guarantees you'll have your next childbirth covered. Absurd.

Comment Re: Lesson 1 (Score 1) 310

My parents saved up the money to cover the costs of the birth and the time away from work needed to make it all happen. They carried simple catastrophic insurance just in case something way horribly wrong. Nobody is allowed to do that anymore. But if you're not in the solid middle class, it's OK, have all the babies you want - someone else will actually pay for all of that for you, or end up having to answer to the IRS, courtesy of the Democrats.

Comment Re: Lesson 1 (Score 1) 310

Right, why should men have to subsidize maternity care? Why should women have to subsidize prostate exams? hint: that's how insurance pools work.

So, the pool of people who are planning to have kids should pay for itself. There are millions of them. The pool of people who are biologically incapable of having kids are at zero risk of incurring that cost, and shouldn't pay for the risk of an occurrence that cannot happen. Women who cannot have children are not in the pool of women who will experience the cost giving birth. Are you foggy on that, somehow?

Sounds like you should have just gone with the "no coverage" option.

But you've just been explaining to me how affordable and reasonable and good it all is. Why the change of heart?

Comment Re: Lesson 1 (Score 4, Informative) 310

We have a plan for two people. Our state approved, ACA-mandated plan has a deductible of $13,100 - just for two people. Add children to that, and you're quickly much higher. That is NOT catastrophic insurance (on paper, anyway) - it's the Obamacare law that requires (say, in our case) people in their 50's to pay for full maternity insurance, drug treatment and mental health coverage whether we need or want it. There is zero chance of us having a baby now or in the future. Why are we required to buy coverage for that? Because the Democrats decided to charge a tax, and that's how they disguised it.

Our rates have gone up over 50% per year every year since the ACA went into effect. Up 70% for 2017, and government says they expect next year (2018) to see another increase of close to 90% again. That's how they get around the "out of pocket" limits - by hugely increasing the monthly premiums, which are VERY MUCH out of pocket, but which don't get you a dime of actual health care. And no, "preventative care" is not covered. You get things like simple blood tests one a year (for which you pay part of the visit, and the lab costs), but of course no treatment of any kind - preventative or otherwise - is ever included in that. The ONLY thing that would be completely covered without requiring the deductible, is child birth. How's that for hilarious.

Comment Re: Lesson 1 (Score 4, Insightful) 310

Nope instead your insurance premiums will continue to cover other people's bills. You know, since that's how all insurance works.

But that's not how Obamacare works, at least not for millions of middle-class people who are self employed or run small businesses and actually have to write a check every month. Their premiums have gone up hundreds of percent, and many no longer have the cash to go visit the doctor ... but because a small family might have a deductible of $20,000 ... they get no healthcare unless it's catastrophic, and they're still wiped out. For millions of people who WERE buying insurance and able to write a check to the doctor, they no longer can. The ACA is the Healthcare Prevention Act, but it certainly does work as the Democrats intended - a massive new tax that distributes middle class income to other people to buy votes.

Comment Re: Private Offices (Score 1) 355

If you're being blocked like that, one of two things is probably the case: either you're unproductive enough that you only have one small task in your backlog, or somebody really screwed up the problem statement. If it's the former, you shouldn't bother the more productive members of the team. If it's the latter, somebody was probably being lazy and didn't care about derailing productive development time.

Comment Re:This will work with music games as well. (Score 1) 70

It can be any game actually, even GTA. It works because with the vast majority of the population can tell the difference between fiction and non-fiction. A guy I worked with back in 2000 was one of the truck drivers who was involved in that massive 90 car pileup on the 401 between London and Tilburry. His psychiatrist recommended games of any type, and specifically "comical" games of driving where the impossible was possible. He was back to driving trucks within a couple of years of that, before that he was terrified of hitting even small banks of fog. Because what initially happened was a complete whiteout from fog hit, and the pileup happened. Some people didn't get out, some burned alive in their cars. And not even EMS could find their way to the scene fast enough.

That area of the 401 is still really bad. It's basically a dead area, with no distractions, nothing to look at, it's just miles of flat road(uncommon in southern ontario), with either fields or trees on either sides of the highway. People falling asleep(highway hypnosis), or sudden banks of fog are still very common. The kicker was people, truck drivers, fire and police had been complaining since the 1960's(that area was built in 1956) that the highway section there was very dangerous. It took 30+ years, a 100 car pileup, 7 people dead, 45 injured before they put in improvements.

Comment Re:It's just too expensive (Score 2, Informative) 236

The problem is that it took Westinghouse over 25 years to construct a handful of reactors because of various lawsuits and regulatory changes. When you have to halt a lawsuit every time a NIMBY organization is resurrected, you're not going to get very far.

Bingo. Here in Canada our nuclear reactors don't run into this same level of opposition, but there have been multiple cases where something similar has happened. The new medical reactor to replace the aging chalk lake medical reactor is a good example. CL is nearly 70 years old, and supplies the world with half of the specialized medical isotopes. The replacement reactor was supposed to be online a decade ago, NIMBY's and out-of-country environmental groups are the exact cause of that. While sites like Pickering and Bruce(2nd largest nuclear generating station in the world), have operated well with little to no issues. The cost of nuclear on the grid is under 0.04kWh at sale. The referb cost which is added in bumps it to just under 0.07kWh, and the "referb cost" is added during the last 10 years of the reactors operation cycle to pay for refueling and the maintenance period.

Green energy here is insanely priced because of the FiT programs. Those prices paid are between 0.20kWh to 1.5kWh, yeah that's $1.50kWh.

Comment Re:Background and the real issue (Score 0) 387

Oh bullshit.

1) they're not talking about cancelling the lifeline subsidy (which provides basic phone and 911 server) they're talking about not using it to give poor people BROADBAND.

2) if they don't have a job they CAN damn well spend plenty of time at the library, enough to get a job. It's not like they have anything else to do, nor that getting a job involves livechatting the moment a position becomes available. And let's be honest: the people who need this help aren't applying for COO or IT manager jobs...they're applying for waiter, janitor, or housecleaning positions. What you seem to miss is that broadband ISNT 'basic connectivity'. Where are they getting the computer by the way to run this?

3) The suggestion that the GOP doesn't want the "poor" to vote is a canard the Democrats have been pushing for several elections. That articles implication that Trump courted the KKK vote is just an example of how the mainstream media dispensed with any pretence of objectivity this time around. If you want to talk about historical Republican strategy, don't you find it curious that REPUBLICANS were the ones that wanted to end slavery? Or that it was Democrats that invented Gerrymandering? Maybe if people would stop pitching EVERYTHING into us vs them we'd get more done?

PS: despite seeing them consistently for the last 8 years, I can't seem to find a *single* major media article complaining about gridlock anymore? It must have ended then?

Comment Re:Scotland just announced a post-Brexit independe (Score 1) 619

I know it's asking a lot but...Maybe read the REST of my post?

The part where it says for Scotland to be admitted, the admission must be unanimous, and there's NOT A CHANCE IN HELL that the many EU countries who have their own separatist nationalist movements will invite in Scottish irredentists.

I'll even give you the link...again: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

And I'm American. I don't honestly give a flying fuck what happens to Scotland.

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