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Comment Re:Daily dose (Score 1) 69

Mashiki, you were pushing the Pizzagate crap right up until that guy went in there with a gun and found nothing. The record is right here on Slashdot, you can't erase it. And well before that happened, multiple media outlets were saying they had investigated and it was complete bunk.

No, actually I wasn't. If you want to lie feel free, but that proof is right there -- in my post history. I mean it's not like you haven't been pushing the actual lie that gamergate is about harassment for 2 years or anything. Or that you've been discredited so hard that you run away every time over it.

And there's the part where you haven't looked at any of those podesta emails. Just a FYI, there wasn't anything "on the street" rather it was all in emails which repeatedly used similarities. And a second FYI, podesta was never secretary of state. Which is what it revolves around.

I'm personally not sure which was funnier with that gun bit. The fact that the media claimed that there was a shooting, when there wasn't any. Or that it wasn't actually about pizzagate in the first place. Oops, did you miss the retractions from the media on that one too?

Comment Re:Contrast this with the incoming administration (Score 1) 161

Let me toss in. That prices are so screwed up, that even leftwing sites like Huffington Post and the CBC are talking about it. And these prices are directly related to "green energy" plans and policies. That there are ~600k people who are in arrears 4mo or more. The largest hydro company in Ontario has 1.3m customers and serves 75% of the province to put that in perspective. That it's driving businesses out of the province to anywhere else that's cheaper.

Comment Re:Contrast this with the incoming administration (Score 1) 161

Guess you can tell that to the people who are paying $700/mo for electricity and their kids are bundled up in coats because they can't afford the electricity to heat right? You're basically saying "fuck the poor, it's their own fault that they have electric heat." You really have no scope or scale of size of just how big Canada is and how much colder it gets here. So let's compare with say Germany, where your average winter temperature is 3C or UK? 5C. Where the average winter temperature in Ontario is -4C(the southern part), the northern part hit a balmy -10C...on average. Or how about Alberta? -12C still nice and warm right? That's not going to have an impact. How about when it hits -40C still good?

Comment Re:Contrast this with the incoming administration (Score 1) 161

That's the pricing for microfit. Just a FYI

http://fit.powerauthority.on.c... Then check the normalized price across the province, it works out to being around 0.528 still. Because if you're a native, you get an extra payment premium on top from the province. Which is around $1.50kWh, across nearly all solar or wind projects. Those prices listed above are the normalized rates for anyone else. I'm talking about the actual and total overall cost.

Comment Re:Contrast this with the incoming administration (Score 0, Troll) 161

So how's that environmentalism and nimbyism working in the US for you then? You know the same people who protest against offshore windfarms or nuclear power plants, or hydroelectric. Right. Solar is getting no where near to the price of coal. We're still paying 0.528kWh for solar here in Ontario, the price we were paying for coal when the last plant shut down was 0.043kWh.

Comment Re:Marissa Mayer apparently has only one talent (Score 1) 17

Well not really, her sex does have something to do with it. A lot of people outside of the clique in that area believe she got the position because of the "wow look at us, much diverse" reasoning. Remember there's a really huge push to put minorities/women/etc into positions of power regardless of their abilities and skills because it looks just so awesome for the PR machine. They didn't really care about anything else, and it's not the first company that's done the same thing. And it's not the first company that suffered because of it either. Merit should be the only thing that counts, but you've got the retarded feminist groups and special snowflakes screaming that merit is a MRA construct, or sexist, or other bullshit.

Comment Re:Another reason to avoid business trips to China (Score 1) 62

A lot of people are, this policy is going to be something that will start to draw companies back out of China on top. It's easy to see the reasoning as to why they're implementing this policy though. It's Trump.(or if you're not a FT sub you can read the synopsis here.) Not him, in itself, but the idea that a populist can rise through the ranks and throw the entire establishment on end. Hell China has banned anything to do with the US election, is requiring heavy censorship on all CN sites that have comments over the election as well. They absolutely don't want people in their own country getting any ideas that even in democracies that someone can seriously upset the power balance and doing the same there.

Comment Re:Contrast this with the incoming administration (Score 1) 161

I'll bet you're right there saying that the US should break from middle eastern oil supplies tho. What do you think his policy is going to do? That's right, break the ME stranglehold on supply and distribution. That's good in my book. That only way that things are going to be fixed in that region is if their one-trick source which enables them to have a stranglehold on policy making is broken. Round that out that it will put pressure on them to "modernize" and grant rights to the other half of their population(women), and with any luck help break the on-going legal slave trade that still exists there.

Comment Cheaper than Shipping? Hardly. (Score 4, Informative) 291

In case anyone was wondering, shipping costs have NEARLY NOTHING to do with this.

The Ocean Freight industry - particularly Trans-Pacific East-Bound (ie China to US) has had long term overcapacity issues for a decade, Depending on who you're talking to, essentially for every $100 they make, the industry has been spending $105-$110 for more than a handful of years.
It got to a point that last year, you could ship a truckload of cargo from Hong Kong to Brazil port to port for $50.

They're not quite that bad anymore but still, you can ship a truckload from China to Los Angeles cheaper than the cost of delivering that load from the port to a point in Metro Los Angeles.

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