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Comment Re: EU is not Democracy (Score 1) 373

If you think that's what "hate speech" should mean, then:

  1. Stop trying to blur the term by saying that identifying certain arguments as typical of SJWs is hate speech.
  2. Admit up front that it's your own hobby horse rather than implying that it's an accepted term in the US legal community.
  3. Stop trying to tie it to "hate crime" laws, because the basis for government sanction is totally different between the two.
  4. Stop trying to tie it to statements like the Anonymous Coward's comment hypothetical "you f*cking b*tch! I hate everything you say and if we ever meet i will rape you and hang you on your own intestines" -- which is a very individualized statement, rather than expressing hatred towards any group.

In short, don't be such a dumbass threadjacker.

Comment Re:Trump lost by millions (Score 1) 432

So far he's picking up votes in every state where there is a recount. I guess that's working out well. Then again, if you're against the electoral college you're basically saying "fuck you" to everyone who doesn't live in a major city. Brilliant plan of course for the people who support that, that's how revolutions happen.

Comment Re:commercial advantages (Score 1) 47

So doing it for political or military advantages is fine?

Sure. Long as it's disavowed and neither side gets caught, and with luck no gigantic wars are started. Been like that for hundreds of years. It was the standard MO of the USSR, US, UK, Canada, etc. The only difference between "hacking" a target and requiring a warm body to do the stealing is the era it's happening in.

Comment Re:So the next botnet will be Audi cars (Score 1) 99

You know that if any appreciable number of people (like, 1% of the population should be enough) take your strategy, they're going to ban those cars from the road? It will probably take the path of forcing anyone who has a non-networked vehicle to get a "vintage" registration that limits the annual mileage.

Comment Re:What I particularly enjoy (Score 1) 254

Um, no. That's bullshit. In no particular order:

1. George W. Bush passed multi-billion dollar stimuluses on his watch as well. The crisis unfolded in the summer of 2008, remember.

2. In the face of a major downturn, "spending your way out" is the ONLY reliable way to ameliorate it, at least temporarily. You could argue this is just kicking the can down the road, but Democrats did not invert Keynesian economics [wikipedia.org], nor is it a major part of their platform, nor is the Republican platform particularly against it. (On the topic of fiscal responsibility, most of the time they appear to be stuck in the old, rather incoherent anti-Communist propaganda modes. I doubt the majority of them have ever used the word "Keynesian".)

3. Quantitative Easing: ...you do realize that the Federal Reserve of the United States of America answers to neither Congress nor the President, right? They can do whatever the hell they want and no one can veto it. They were the ones responsible for the QEs, and they were run by a Republican [wikipedia.org] during all three QEs.

1) I said nothing about Bush Jr. What does he even have to do with the conversation?
2) You understand that not everyone worships at the Holy Altar of Keynes, right? 'Broken Windows' is bullshit of the highest order, a perfect credo to justify politicians spending money on their pet projects.
3) If you think Fed policy isn't guided by the general policies who sits in the Oval Office, you're kidding yourself. You know who appoints the Fed, right?

Comment Re:Lovely...with no pressing issues... (Score 1) 134

Monsef herself is *not* an illegal immigrant.

Immigration law actually says this is *not* true. Her parents filed incorrect information, she willingly filed the incorrect information and didn't correct it either. There is an actual process before Immigration Canada that's offered as a clemency when a parent illegitimately files the wrong country of origin. The only difference between her and someone else? She's got political leverage because she's in cabinet. It was still illegal, and Trudeau waved his hands over it along with the media.

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