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Comment Re:Stop calling it social media (Score 1) 312


I had to take and advanced class in Web/Media and in the first week the professor asked about social media users.

In a class of 40 students I was one of maybe two that was not on social media.

I was asked why I was not on social media and replied, "Ask anyone in this building, or even on this campus about and I will be remembered because I interact with people.
Why do I need social media".

Well, in the ensuing 5 months I was cruising the campus with my new S.O. and was stopped by a formerly fellow student that asked "didn't you graduate 3 months ago?"

I told him "yes, I did and now I am here with my S.O. and going for a walk after having applied for a bunch of jobs during the week".

Now consider: 3 months after I left, and well after hours (even for a college campus) and I remembered the guy's name and he remembered mine"...well, just consider the average social media encounter w/o a name + face.
How much time is left puzzling: "do I know them, like them and all the other BS questions vs. 'Just Keep walking and ignore if not' or talk to them".

Yes, I understand the value of SM, but darned if I did not see the downside of it from the get go.

I am secure enough in my person to care what I think of me and consider your opinion and not give a flying fuck when 98% appropriate.

I.E. Live long and prosper or DIAF, as appropriate. ;)

Comment Don't worry! (Score 4, Interesting) 396

I've read a lot of Slashdot comments on this subject, so I'm sure there's no reason to worry. I'll summarize:

1. The Cotton Gin. Once there was a "cotton gin" and blacksmiths but we still have jobs, so no problem!
2. Humans scheduled to get big buff next patch
3. People have been wrong about this in the past, ipso facto QED they're wrong about it now: humans win forever.
4. Who wants some cheap crap? I want quality and craftmanship in my Cheetos, and only humans have feelings and I want personal touch and... my waitress was cute that one time?
5. We'll still need poets and robot repairs guys. Probably everyone will do that.

Comment Re:Americans are insane? (Score 1) 190

Oh, my God...really?

I've avoided anything political for years because I'm sick of the BS all around...BUT could not resist and just hit the back button.

Here is why:

Er, how is that news? Look at what happened November 8th, 2016 for insanity index. Forecast; High.
Rod Serling voice: Imagine if you will you live in a red'ish area and have been pushed around by your "betters" in blue for 8 years.
A "Republican" president is elected in what was (as Micheal Moore said) was the biggest FU to both sides and it would feel good.

Well, it did feel good and I laughed heartily and long with many chuckles for the past 35+ days.

I wish I could find the meme like where it said
  "The blue areas want a civil war to oust President Trump, but the red areas own 95% of the guns. How's that gonna work out?"

Chance of dunderheads: 100%

Agreed, but before Nov 9, 2016. Then it changed.

Protectionism, Xenophobia, and nut job anti-consumerism regulations to be expected for the next two years.

Secured boarders and deporting illegals, visa overstays and countries that sponsor terror, Xenophobic only as it relates to those that want to hurt/kill is usually called common sense.
Anti-consumerism? Not wanting to buy a product that anyone paying attention would have (and DID) tell you was a P.O.S not even meant to help?
Johnathan Gruber...look him up.

Sticking busybody noses into random vaginas guaranteed.

Something like this, eh?
Or the Bill Clinton school of humidors?
Or sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, unless it is stuck in an intern.

Skyhigh medical bills and health insurance: Paid for by lobbyists that stand to gain.

Oh, so you are aware of what Obamacare was all about when the Democrats rammed it through on a PartyLine vote on Christmas Eve. Good for you!! You finally understand or just tripped over the truth.
R.R quote:

Hilarity, hypocrisy and hysteria: delivered.

I think you meant: Hillary-ity, hypocrisy and hysteria: delivered. (NOOOOOOTTTT).

Global shunning: On the way.

America! F*ck Yea!!! (tongue firmly in cheek w/ smug sarcasm as a bonus)
Trying to make the EU like the USA is working about as well as the reverse.
Then again, most people don't recall the point of the Statue of Liberty. (Hint: Not to make the US more like France, but quite the reverse).

'moose. (American, Veteran and currently residing in one of the two solid red states)

(aside: Mr. Moore was right...once...dang that felt gooood)

Comment Re: Real answer... (Score 2) 128

He's either overstating the case (Vive does have better tracking which helps) or maybe he's comparing different experiences. The real differentiator is what you're doing. On a proper setup, people don't get sick playing roomscale Vive games. That is true, and true for probably a hundred people I've had try my Vive. However, you can get people sick immediately with artificial movement, and especially artificial rotation. Quite often at the end of my demos, I'll see if people want to try feeling sick, and we'll pull out Fancy Skiing or something - and almost everyone gets queasy the first time.

So yeah, if he's showing people Job Simulator on Vive, and some flying game on Oculus, he probably isn't lying, but he's coming to the wrong conclusion.

Comment Re:Real answer... (Score 1) 128

You need 3 cameras to do much with Oculus Touch (bringing the cost over that of a Vive) and the tracking is nowhere near as good. I have both headsets: the Oculus is more comfortable and makes for a generally a better visual experience, but Vive tracking and general roomscale experience is better. The Oculus cameras are a dead end - either they'll move to some kind of inside-out tracking, or something like Lighthouses will win.

Comment Re:Real answer... (Score 1) 128

Yeah, Slashdot has become a reasonably depressing site, where people with no idea or insight come to be mad about technology. Sometimes it's grinding some pointless axe about a programming language, bit of software, or company - sometimes it's sour graping about expensive tech.

You, me, and everyone else who has played with modern VR understands current limitations. Meanwhile, the critics are stuck in some weird time loop from 2007 where it makes everyone sick and doesn't track right and looks terrible. I also like the complaint that it's not social - I game alone reasonably often, but pretty much never use the Vive alone, and I use it really quite often. Something about the experience makes it much better with other people.

Comment Re:Hyland's teething tablets (Score 2) 309

..but Belladonna is intended to be one of the "homeopathic ingredients" here (along with some other nonsense). From their website:

Calcarea Phosphorica 12X HPUS: teething, dentition
Chamomilla 6X HPUS (Chamomile): for peevishness, restlesness and irritability
Coffea Cruda 6X HPUS: sleeplessness
Belladonna 6X HPUS (0.0000003% Alkaloids, calculated): redness and teething discomfort

To be clear, belladonna seems like a possible legitimate treatment (it does deaden nerves) if you got a real dose - but probably isn't effective at the intended concentration (nor is it probably a great idea in any case... I mean, opium would probably deal with teething pain too, but your pharmacist is hardly going to give it to your for teething). So if the gel is ever doing anything (via the actual effects of belladonna, rather than the backwards magic effect of removing all of the belladonna), that itself is evidence that they've screwed up their process and are getting more in than they meant to. Which isn't what you want to hear when the ingredient in question is straight-up-good-way-to-murder-someone poison.

Comment Re:Did they fire that snotty kid (Score 1) 37

Having hands (well, controllers at least) and being able to walk around naturally/poke stuff helps a lot, as does better head tracking.

I mean, I don't know if that's "overwhelming benefits" (I'd recommend waiting for next generation to buy at this point) - but it's pretty cool, and worth trying out a Vive (or Rift with Touch) if you get a chance.

Comment Re:Who called it AI? (Score 1) 30

Well, I guess the difference is that while it would be a stretch to call this AI, it is very reasonable to call it machine learning - and that's what they called it. And yeah, I get it, you have some pointless axe to grind about people generally overusing the term AI. Nobody cares.

But I will say that this exact comment, which is a waste of space every time it crops up on this kind of story, at least provided me a laugh this time. Your shitty, pouty reply is just icing on the entertainment cake. I would have felt maybe a bit mean if you'd actually copped to shitposting without reading the summary. But I don't imagine you're that kind of person (ie. someone with a shred of dignity or self awareness).

Comment Re:Very true (Score 1) 2837

I'm not saying I necessarily agree with dude, but the situations are different.

When picking between Hillary and Bernie, voters aren't just deciding which of those two they want to win, they're also trying to help "a Democrat" winning the general election. The idea, commonly presented at the time, was that a protracted race would hurt Hillary as the candidates hit each other, and that in a long fight with Bernie Hillary would be forced further to the left. Thus if you, as a Democratic primary voter, believe Hillary is going to win regardless, you might as well avoid the long fight and just vote for her to help win the general.

You could expect sort-of-related polling effects in a general if there was a third party (ie. I want Hillary to win over Trump, but she's so far ahead I feel safe to use my vote to support the Green Party or whatever) - but I don't think that was much of a factor this time. You may have seen some depressed turnout for Hillary, though, as some may have felt it was a done deal.

Overall, whatever polling may have done, I think the much more explanatory factors are "Many people don't like Hillary" and "People are tired of doing what the media says" (which we saw previously with Brexit).

Comment Couldn't they have addressed the privacy concern? (Score 2) 104

Make the site request permission, like it would for the camera or GPS location.

I don't see this is as some big thing, but just because I can't think of an important use case doesn't mean there isn't a good one somewhere. Surely somebody wanted this for some reason? Anyway, it seems weird to introduce it then take it back over concerns that seem pretty mild, and also pretty easy to address the same way other concerns have been addressed in the past.

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