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Comment Reboot Restore (Score 1) 334

Have you looked into reboot restore, or any of the other tools that re-image the drive on each boot? Someone that works at a School or University could suggest a good one. That way almost all tech support can be solved with "Have you tried turning it off and on again?". I'd also look into a better email service. Using a fairly cheap service such as Fastmail comes with much better Spam protection.

Comment Light at 4am (Score 2) 310

I miss daylight savings, at my latitude (Brisbane, Australia) in summer it gets light at 4:30 am. Install all the block out blinds you want, the birds still go nuts and early risers will be out making noise. I don't know why our state doesn't have it, slightly further south they do.

Comment Re:It's pretty simple (Score 1) 371

Samsung does. I've got one of the 2012 model smart TV's. The camera on it rotates on a vertical axis, I assume so that you can point it at the couch more accurately and not chop peoples heads off. If you keep rotating it however, the camera will point back into the TV. There is still the issue of the microphone even with this, but all the NSA would hear is me talking to friends on the phone. I think they have this covered by other means.
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Submission + - Aussie pirate extradited to the US

doll_yoko writes: "Setting a disturbing precedent, the Australian Government has co-operated fully with US authorities to facilitate the extradition of Australian resident Hew Griffith to face charges in Virginia for US copyright violations. Griffith was allegedly the leader of a New South Wales branch of Drink or Die, a software cracking network, which circulated warez for free download. He has been fighting extradition in the Australian courts since the US Department of Justice charged him in 2003. He is facing a fine of US $500,000 and up to 10 years in prison. He will be sentenced in June 2007. are-pirate-extradited/2007/05/06/1178390182639.htm l"
The Courts

Submission + - Aussie software pirate extradited

JEGSYDAU writes: The Sydney Morning Hearald has an article on how the Australian Government has allowed a national to be extridited to the U.S. for leading the now-disbanded pirate group Drink or Die. The article claims it is a "triumph for US authorities, demonstrating their ability to enforce US laws protecting US companies against Australians in Australia, with the co-operation of the Australian Government."

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