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Comment Could improve collision avoidance and other stuff (Score 2) 171

Where are the interconnected cars we were/are promised?
Where's the open standards that would allow - say - a Ford 20 miles ahead to warn an Audi or a Toyota of an icy patch, a crash or traffic slowdown?
Hell, GM has had OnStar for ages and it cannot do that even within its own brand.
Seems like the OEMs and the Googles, Apples etc. are too busy duking it out as to who will control the customer and her information to actually give two shits about what we actually want and need.

I'm guessing if a significant number (unlikely) of Tesla cars, bus and trucks get built than at least they'll be talking to each other.

Comment Looks like they understand their target market... (Score 1) 105

With such repugnant phrases such as these:

“ivory-coloured luxurious throne upon which our passengers are conveyed, and from which they command”.

“the powerful have always understood the symbols through which they express their standing”

Ah yes, that'll be the psychopaths who sacrifice everything and everyone to get power and money, then...
Too bad that we keep electing them.

Comment Re:Really?? (Score 1) 120

You're right, of course.
The battle was a big deal for the British since the Bismark had just sunk the Royal Navy's "invincible" battlecruiser, HMS Hood.
(Which actually was a pretty poor ship).


To your point about ai rpower, it is unlikely that the RN would have sunk, (or even found), the Bismark without aircraft - both land and carrier based. See:


Comment Allo, allo? (Score 1) 127

Who's there? Well, just about everyone if it's not encrypted...disappointing.
You'd think that with all Google's resources they could come up with something better, like:
1. Encrypted (default)
2. Encrypted but where Google has the key so can "listen in" and provide those helpful suggestions, and
3. Not secure.

Come to think of it, if you had option 2, who in their right mind would opt for option 3?

Comment Re:My favorite dirty Windows 10 trick (Score 0) 500

The version I'm getting explicit states "Upgrade Tonight" rather than simply "Upgrade Later". You can see a screenshot here. They don't make it obvious but you can just close it with the X in the upper right corner and it doesn't upgrade; there's no "Don't upgrade ever" button. It's only a slightly dirty trick on MS's part - you need to train your wife to read better before clicking on things....and yes I know difficult of a problem that is, I'm married, too.

Comment represents breakthroughs in "key technologies"? (Score 4, Informative) 111

Including "low cost" navigation and AI...yeah, right.

What did they do, steal the latest tech from MIT and Google?

Translated: "Latest piece of over-hyped junk that will fall down the first stairs it comes to whilst trying to zap a handicapped person with metal crutches"

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