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Comment Huawei definitely "good enough" but prices rising (Score 2) 62

I'm very happy with my work iPhone 7; great device within its limitations, and to my mind still a slicker user experience than Android.
But - my main personal phone is a Huawai complete with dual sim, SD slot etc. and I can load whatever I want to ensure my data is securely synced to my servers and them only.
When my wife's expensive Samsung Note started acting up, it was replaced with this year's updated version of my model.
She's happy, but although the specs are slightly better, I was surprised that the price has nearly doubled...

Comment What the heck is "BCE"? What's wrong with "BC"? (Score 2, Insightful) 118

Before Common Era? WTF? As opposed to an "uncommon" one?
OK, I'm a (kinda) scientist, so I should maybe be "against" all the religious stuff, but I have no problem with "Before Christ" just as I have no problem with V for Volt(a) or A for Ampere. (Grant you, these were real people, and real scientists too...)

FFS, it's not like "BC" is insulting to Muslims or other people who use a different calendar (many also religion-based), since they're not aligned with the same time period.
If anything, "BCE" seems more insulting, since it implies that their alternative calendars are "not common"... /rant

Comment Author has never been to a serious cat show... (Score 1) 49

"You can, for instance, train a deep-learning algorithm to recognize a cat with a cat-fancier's level of expertise"

Bullshit. It sounds like they can train a system to recognise what probably is a cat-like animal, but a serious cat-fancier can give a reasoned and interesting description of the differences between two pedigree cats - which look to the layman as being both perfect and identical.
Background: my wife breeds international competition-grade Maine Coon cats...I used to be bored to death at shows until I started hanging around the judges table.

Comment The "the morning of February 11"? Feb is 10th (Score 1) 28

Loks like a cut and paste error from here:

"Its closest point will come on February 11, 2017 at around 8 UTC, at which time the comet will be 0.08 AU (7.4 million miles, about 12 million km, or some 30 times the moon’s distance) from the Earth. Will you see it? Well are you an experienced observer or astrophotographer, used to finding faint objects in the sky? If not, probably not."

Comment Meanwhile, you can buy a Chevy Bolt today... (Score 2) 112

Stupid name; great car. (and I'm a Ford guy...)

I'm betting you'll get your Chevy faster than your your Model 3; how long is it going to take to make 370k units?
Years...even GM (who know a little about mass-producing cars) are only planning to ship 25k units a year, with the possibility of ramping up to 50k units "later".

Of course, since the Model 3 will end up being more expensive than planned, I'm guessing many of those orders will get cancelled...

Comment What a load of garbage (Score 2) 477

There's this : "imposing tougher visa rules unfairly targets some of its members and will not solve a U.S. labor shortage in technology and engineering"
Then this : "contains provisions that may prove challenging for the Indian IT sector...nullify the objective of saving American jobs"

So in other words, "this looks uncomfortably like it might work, so we're going to come up with a load of bullshit while we figure out a way of getting round it".

If there is a labor shortage, surely American jobs don't need saving? Anyway, as many people here have pointed out in the past, this has nothing to do with closet racism, denying smart people with the vital skills we need the right to come and work in the US or protectionism.

It's about unscrupulous people breaking the rules and exploiting their fellow countrymen while careless (in both senses of the word) suits look the other way.

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