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Journal Journal: How much should college cost?

How much should college cost?
Making the math simple here: let's say one professor teaches five courses, each course has 20 students. Each student takes five courses per semester.
Each student pays 1/20 of the professor. If the prof makes 80K/yr then tuition should be $2000 per semester. Or $16K for a four year degree.
I understand this would be only for subjects where it is all classroom, such as Math, History, Literature, and the all important Liberal Arts.
I also understand that this does not include "overhead" such as classrooms, library, dorms, cafeteria, etc. I believe that donation should pay for buildings, not the students. And doing the math for classrooms and such, it comes to a relatively small amount, like $200/semester.
Technical subject like the Sciences would cost more, due to lab costs.
Athletics pays for itself, thru ticket sales.
Library should be paid for thru donations from alumni.
That is how much college should cost. But even in-state tuitions are triple this. Go figure.

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Journal Journal: Lets get back to basics

Let's get back to basics.
1. You know how you are always losing your phone in your house? Well, I have invented a phone that is connected to the wall with a curly cord. Yeh, really. You will never lose this phone. buddibum.
2. How about phones that communicate between each other without paying a carrier? I have that too. It is called "Ham Radio". buddibum
3. Passing data between programs running on an operating you mean "streaming object serialization"...oh yeh, we have that too. COBOL. buddibum

And so on. XML is a solution looking for a problem. Get over it. Enjoy life and don't look back. It only repeats if you do look back.

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