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Comment Smart Move (Score 1) 117

It seems like a smart move. They've displaced bricks and mortar stores (GameStop, etc.) for game distribution and largely own that space -- this is a way to grow. I'm not sure that I see the same value proposition to go to them for movies, but I'm interested to see what they can bring to the table.

Comment Re:'Google play services' (Score 1) 80

The problem with disabling Google Play Services is that it is Google's tool for taking back some control from the carriers. Increasingly, portions of Android are updated through Play Services meaning you get security patches and functionality updates faster. Maybe it needs tweaking or improvement, but I think the purpose of the app is spot on.

Comment Re:GTFO! (Score 2) 480

There is an entire parable about this in the Bible, in Matthew 20.

Respectfully, the Bible uses parables to teach an abstract lesson in story form by relating it to our lives in terms we can more easily understand -- an allegory if you will. On the surface, it certainly appears the parable is advocating for equal wages, but considering parables are allegories; logically it is unlikely the lesson we are intended to learn is in fact to pay all workers equally. Many interpret this particular parable to equate the work to faith and the payment to salvation thus both those who have had faith for a long while, and those new to the faith, both equally receive salvation.

Submission + - SPAM: Windows 9 is set to be released on September 30

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft is soon going to unveil a preview version of Windows 9 on September 30. This will be released at a press event.
However there may be some changes in the date but according to sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans it will be available in late September or early

Link to Original Source

Submission + - Numerous methane leaks found on Atlantic sea floor (

sciencehabit writes: Researchers have discovered 570 plumes of methane percolating up from the sea floor off the eastern coast of the United States, a surprisingly high number of seeps in a relatively quiescent part of the ocean. The seeps suggest that methane’s contribution to climate change has been underestimated in some models. And because most of the seeps lie at depths where small changes in temperature could be releasing the methane, it is possible that climate change itself could be playing a role in turning some of them on.

Submission + - Transparent Solar Collectors May Replace Conventional Windows ( 1

Zothecula writes: Researchers working at Michigan State University (MSU) have created a completely transparent solar collector which is so clear that it could replace conventional glass in windows. The new devices – dubbed transparent luminescent solar concentrators – have the potential to not only turn windows into solar electric generators, but the screens of smartphones, vehicle glazing, and almost anything else that has a see-through surface.

Submission + - Analysis Of The War Of 1812 Finds Same Failures That Led To 9/11 (

An anonymous reader writes: io9 reports, "This month is the 200th anniversary of the British capture of Washington, DC, and the torching of the White House. How did this disaster happen, despite ample warnings? A CIA analyst who pored through historical documents blames the same types of intelligence failures that preceded Pearl Harbor and September 11th. ... CIA analyst William Weber addresses this very question in a study published in the most recent issue of Studies In Intelligence. ... Weber's study is sort of an historical version of the "9/11 Commission Report," which pointedly faulted U.S. officials for a "failure of imagination" that kept them from understanding and anticipating the al Qaeda threat. "

Submission + - Munich Council say talk of LiMux demise is greatly exaggerated (

ndogg writes: The rumors of Munich city going back to Microsoft seem to have been greatly exaggerated. There was a review of the city's IT systems that was called for by the mayor, but it wasn't solely just to decide on whether to move back to Microsoft. And while there have been complaints about LiMux, they mostly seem to concern compatibility with, which may well be resolved by switching to LibreOffice.

Comment Re:Funny (Score 1) 191

Wiki is a steaming pile of shit filled with inaccurate, biased, Face Painting Homer protected garbage.

Actually, according to Wiki, it is quite accurate!

Or, joking aside, according to CNET Wiki is more accurate than the Encyclopedia Britannica!

Comment Re:Wait a sec (Score 0, Flamebait) 772

By definition evolution is a theory. While both sides argue the veracity of the claim; it has not been promoted to the level of law (in the sense of the law of gravity or the law of thermodynamics). With any theory; one must choose, ideally based upon a preponderance of evidence, to either believe or disbelieve. The scientists amongst us then take it a step further and attempt to validate that belief or disbelief through experiments based upon the scientific method.

Comment Philosophy vs Substance (Score 2) 582

Open Source vs Closed Source is as much a philosophy as it is substance. We can argue the benefits of having many eyes on the code from Open Source as opposed to having funded coders with Closed Source. In the balance, each project will be different based upon its own unique factors. The one constant is that Open Source does have superior transparency.

Submission + - Federal Agency Data Breaches More Than Double Since 2009

JCHerbsleb writes: The Government Accountability Office (GAO) reports via the Weekly Standard that Federal Data Breaches of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) have more than doubled since 2009. Given the increased quantity of data the government is holding both through new health care initiatives (Healthcare.Gov, Healthcare Data Hub, etc.) and through various NSA spying programs, this may spell greater risk to both individuals and businesses. Yahoo News confirms that not only have data breaches occured, but they have been handled poorly.

Comment Re:Pick one (Score 1) 2

I think that's the problem -- there are lots of options, but none have moved to dominance. I wonder what would do this? Maybe if censorship in the main DNS system kicks in when it moves to international governance we'll see a push to move to one of these?

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