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Submission + - how to Improve a scientific resume? 1

JBrandonS writes: I am a 20 year old 2nd year college student going to school for a degree in quantum physics. While my grades are currently in good standing I feel I should be doing more to improve my resume. Currently my main hobby is programming and while I have made a few physics simulations I have very little belief in their impact with any potential job. I have also been looking into getting active into the astronomy scene around where I live but what are some other ways to improve a physic's resume?

Comment Re:H.264 support? (Score 1) 570

4. Why are we tying the video tag to any particular format at all? The image tag isn't tied to a particular image format...

It makes perfect sense for all the web browser developers (or the main ones) to agree on the default video type for the 'video' tag. This way places like youtube only need to hold a single video, rather then 3 or 4 to cover each browser. This also means that your mom and pop will be able to pick up a book that will tell them just to use h264 rather then trying to explain to them that they will need to have 4 different versions of the same movie and a browser check. I do think they should add a 'video type="theroda"' However.

Comment Re:I want plausible deniability (Score 1) 178

I may be wrong, but I do believe Buzz allows this if you make your profile private. I also believe that Facebook allows this (to a extent) by disabling your profile in the search / index. In facebook you might wind up with issues if the person is a at least a friend of a friend. Other then that you should be safe.
The Military

Mock Cyber Attack Shows US Unpreparedness 148

An anonymous reader writes with word that the outcome of the large-scale cyberattack simulation promised a few days ago isn't too rosy. From the Help Net Security article: "During the simulated cyber attack that took place yesterday in Washington and was recorded by CNN, one thing became clear: the US are still not ready to deflect or mitigate such an attack to an extent that would not affect considerably the everyday life of its citizens. The ballroom of the Washington's Mandarin Oriental Hotel was for this event transformed into the White House Situation Room, complete with three video screens displaying maps of the country, simulated updates and broadcasts by 'GNN,' an imaginary television network 'covering' the crisis."

Submission + - Surgeon Performs Wold's First Surgery in 4X HD (

docinthemachine writes: Research just presented at the 65th ASRM on 4K surgery. Using bleeding edge Hollywood 4K cameras coupled to laparoscopes surgery was performed in 4K or 4X the resolution of HD. Since laparoscopy is performed viewing on a video monitor this is a huge advancement of resolution and clarity for the surgeon. It only took a million dollars of projectors to show it to the audience.

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