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Comment Neat idea with one problem... (Score 5, Insightful) 151

This might be somewhat helpful, but there is one problem. Most budget chain hotels are remodeling in the following manner:

Every Motel 6 is going to look *exactly* the same. A few years ago my friend was traveling extensively for work. After a few weeks on the road, staying exclusively at Staybridge by Mariott, he would forget what town he was in, as every room was exactly the same, down to the artwork on the wall. He'd have to check the weather on his phone to get an idea of how long it would take to get to the work site from his hotel.

For the smaller, really cheap independent hotels this might be helpful, but most people going on vacation are staying at chains.

Comment E-Magine (Score 2) 213

In Michigan we have theaters called E-Magine. Awful name, outstanding theaters. All of the theaters themselves are fairly small, which means you aren't sitting too far away from the screen. The screen stretches from wall to wall, and they are all dimensioned properly. All of the seats are motorized extra-wide recliners. For a couple of extra dollars you can sit in a row with more leg room than you could possibly need. All the screens, projectors and speakers are properly maintained. They also have reserved seating so you can pick your seats hours before you show up to the theater. Most theaters also have waiter service, so you can just sit down and they'll bring you a drink and popcorn, including liquor, before the movie starts.

They also have special matinee showings for kids with sensory issues, so no trailers, they keep the lights on dimly, and turn the sound down, which is fantastic.

Ticket prices are, of course, a bit more than regular, but we don't see many movies so it doesn't matter that much to us.

Comment Lawyers (Score 1) 108

Every night on TV I see ads for lawyers offering to sue pharmaceutical companies for making products that do exactly what they are supposed to do. The worst is a lawsuit against a company that makes blood thinners because they potentially cause internal bleeding. Well, yeah, they thin your blood so your heart doesn't stop, internal bleeding is more manageable side effect than your heart stopping. One law firm is starting a class action against a company that makes chemotherapy drugs because they make your hair fall out.

Where are the lawyers suing these scam clinics? Aren't these lawyers ostensibly suing companies for the good of the public? Or do these clinics not make enough money to be worth suing?

Comment Re:Bad assumption (Score 1) 297

Economists, and the like, keep using 20th century (some even 19th century) models. Intellectuals cling to the past as badly as others.

That's like saying physicists cling to outdated 19th century ideals of Newtonian physics. The field of economics has changed massively since the 1800's, with the introduction of game theory, econometrics, etc... The reason you start with Smith, Malthus and Hume is they laid the foundations of modern economic theory, the same way Newton laid out the foundations of modern physics.

Comment Re:Mom & Pop internet providers? (Score 2) 115

Everyone on the 21 pages after page 4 in this list:

Most are rural providers that only cover a few thousand subscribers over a large area, and only have a few employees. Installation and cable work are contracted out, and lines are piggy-backed on existing telecommunication wires. Equipment is co-located at the telcos. Most of the "offices" I've seen are storefonts in strip malls.

Comment Re:For people who can't program (Score 2, Insightful) 338


You can't just glue blobs of code together and expect a decent application to come out of it, unless you are coding an extremely simple app that only automates a few things.

Think about the UI, for example. If there were a magic formula to make a good UI, then computers would be automating it already, and every app would look great. Not so much.

Comment Odds (Score 4, Insightful) 264

The odds of a cosmic ray hitting your memory at the exact right spot to flip a bit are one in hundreds of millions. There are just enough computers out there that it happens from time to time. The odds of FIVE rays hitting just the right locations to flip four bits and a parity bit are, pardon the pun, astronomical.

Comment Basic Physics (Score 3, Insightful) 69

It seems most conspiracy theories of this sort involve a lack of understanding of basic physics. Usually it involves assuming that, because light and sound and radio energy all travel in waves that they all behave the same. I see the term "frequencies" thrown around a lot, even when describing non-oscillating direct current circuits and static electricity.

Comment Galaxy? (Score 0) 507

"The device President Trump insists on using -- most likely the Samsung Galaxy S3 -- has particularly well documented vulnerabilities,"

Is it an S3 or not? That's a weird way of saying that you're guessing.

He should probably be reprimanded for not using a secure phone, if he's using it for official business, but Lieu would hold more water if he didn't give Hilary a pass for doing, roughly, the same thing he's ripping Trump for doing:

Comment Re:Serial Entrepreneur (Score 2) 226

At least he's able to get things started and then bring in the people to see his projects to fruition.

And that's what a serial entrepreneur does. Building a business is one skill set. Running a business is another skill set. Not everyone has both, or the desire to have both.

It's not necessarily a bad thing, however, sometimes the older businesses flounder if the president is more interested in the new thing.

Comment Re:Yawn... (Score 1) 627

This guy works on image analysis for telescopes in other words spy satellites which just happen to be large telescopes pointed downwards.

The NRO runs the spy satellites and the Air Force launches them. NASA has nothing to do with them besides providing rockets and launch platforms.

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