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Comment Saturation (Score 1) 130

Isn't that what everyone said when Netflix started making shows? Turned out OK for them.

There is a lot of content out there. A lot of it is garbage. A lot of shows are canned because they aren't popular *enough* for a particular demographic. Or because a network head doesn't like a producer, or production company, or director.

Comment Re:Why are the win buttons set so low? (Score 2) 265

Has the title bar expanded an inch or two? Why so much wasted vertical space?

This +1000. I understand the need for whitespace on a touch UI, but why is everything spaced so far apart on my desktop? I have a giant HD monitor so I can fit a bunch of stuff on screen at the same time (not a fan of multimonitor, I'd rather have one huge monitor) With a 2" border around everything, I'm going to need a separate monitor or a 34" 4K monitor just so I can have a media player in one corner, Notepad++ in the other corner, and an IDE open on the side.

Comment Requirements (Score 4, Insightful) 435

3D theatrical releases still do OK, but not TVs. That's because for 3D to work properly, the screen needs to eat up a large portion of your view field. That's easy to do in a theater. At home you'd need a gigantic multi-thousand dollar TV gobbling up a big chunk of your living room to get the same effect.

3D on a small screen looks like stuff is popping out of a box at you, instead of immersing you in the image.

Comment Re:Sorry, no (Score 1) 304

To state the obvious: the 4K version is nothing more than a pathetic, utterly pathetic money grab. And nothing more. That should be fairly obvious to anyone. I can't think of any possible value that four thousand pixels will bring to that movie. I just have a bad feeling about this...

No, the previous re-re-re-releases were pathetic money grabs. A proper 4K restoration is what they should have done in the first place.

Comment Re:Why purge? (Score 1) 258

For some libraries, sure, but my local public library is using, maybe, 60% of their shelf space and they still seem to purge tons of books almost monthly. The exception is kids books, which they seem to hold on to forever.

Around me there is a lot of cheap, empty warehouse space. I think it would be cool for a bunch of library systems to get together and buy one, converting it into a giant set of stacks for "archived" books. Shoot, downtown there is a converted warehouse bookstore that carries more books than any library in the area (and there are some HUGE libraries in the area)

Comment Radiation (Score 1) 126

Will water shield against cosmic rays? Because that's what I've heard the main problem with mars colonization is - there is no magnetosphere to shield against solar storms. One hiccup from the sun and everyone on the surface gets a lethal dose of X-rays.

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