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Submission + - Scientists Create Ebola Vaccine 1

phantomfive writes: Scientists have finally completed an Ebola vaccine. The disease, which kills its victims within weeks from internal bleeding and hemorrhaging, can finally be stopped. In the first case, this will help nurses and doctors treat victims without fear of contracting the disease themselves.

The vaccine is a true and clear case of intelligent design.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot's Older Programmers - What would be more helpful for your careers?

brown.dragon writes: I am an older programmer who has quit his job and is moving to Australia. I want to start an online solution that other programmers find helpful and right now I'm wondering if I should go with "learning new technologies" or "getting really good at the basics". Both are targeted towards giving a career boost to older programmers.

So if you are an older programmer, which of these (if any), would interest you? Would you like to keep in touch with the latest technologies because that's what makes it easy to get jobs or would you like to be really good at answering (Google/Facebook/Amazon) algorithmic interview questions? I am kind of at a crossroads and I'd really like to provide something you would value.

Comment Because that's their platform (Score 1) 1

OK. Let's say that my company has a product that has a C++ backend and a Java frontend with multi-platform support for both and a well functioning automated build system using GCC and Ant. Why would I want someone to start adding C# code? I worked for a dev shop for 15 years that was in exactly this situation. One dev decided to go rogue and start coding in Ruby but, to maintain platform support, wrapped his code up in an interpreter that ran under TomCat with the rest of the front-end. When he left there was a whole project that was completely outside of our dev standards forcing us to take two devs and have them come up to speed on Ruby just to support this and port it back into coding standards. At the end of it all, the company lost around $250k in productivity because someone didn't follow the standards.

Comment WTF?!?! CmdrTaco should kick your butts! (Score 1) 316

Are you kidding me?!?! Did they really just ask "Do you use any Linux-based operating system?" It seems that our fairly new corporate overlords have no understanding of the /. community back-story.
Granted there are more Microsoftians around these days and, sure, WinBlows doesn't blow like it used to but I think the Dice newbs should be forced to go back and re-read the entire site archive, Ludovico style, starting with Chips&Dips.

Submission + - Is it time for a new audio format for recording? 4

tezbobobo writes: Why isn't recording information embedded in recorded audio files? When I edit a photo in Photoshop Lightroom the RAW file usually contains information about the camera, lens, location, and settings used. When I import a WAV from my field recorder the software is completely oblivious to the recorder used and the microphone. I can't even tell the software to compensate for a certain mic with profiles. So, it it time for some new standards?

Submission + - SPAM: The LHC discovers new tetraquarks, but what does that mean for physics?

StartsWithABang writes: The Standard Model is great at describing all the known particles we’ve ever observed and how they interact, but there are a number of important hints that it isn’t all there is in the Universe. The existence of dark matter, dark energy, neutrino masses, the matter-antimatter asymmetry, the strong-CP and hierarchy problems all tell us that this collection of quarks, leptons, their antiparticles and the bosons we know are only part of the story. The LHC at CERN is currently producing the highest energy collisions at the largest rate ever seen on Earth, making it the best tool to discover new, never-before-seen particles. In a news release just a few days ago, they announced the discovery of multiple new particles – tetraquarks – that had never been seen before. Here's what that means for the Standard Model and our understanding of physics.

Comment Degauss (Score 1) 1

The company I worked for a few years ago had a huge replacement cycle and wanted me to "make sure there aint no data left no how". So, being in Nashville, I picked up an old 3M tape degausser from a recording studio that was ditching its analog gear. Many-a-disk have been wiped with that thing. Even better is that it's strong enough that it can take out some chips as well.

Submission + - Attorney held liable for using "generic" E-Mail?

bbsguru writes: An attorney in New York is being sued for using an AOL email account. The plaintiffs accuse their Real Estate attorney of "negligently using a "notoriously vulnerable" AOL email account that was hacked by cybercriminals who then stole nearly $2 million".
Aside from this possible risk, what does it tell you when your [attorney | broker | accountant | financial advisor] has a generic email account?

Submission + - Would you trust medical data stored on AWS by CareMonkey? (

rolandw writes: My teenage daughter's school in the UK wants me to approve the storage of her full medical details in CareMonkey. CareMonkey say that this data is stored on AWS and their security page says that it is secured by every protocol ever claimed by AWS (apparenlty). As a sysadmin and developer who has used AWS extensively for non-secure information my alarm bells are sounding. Should I ignore them and say yes? Why would you refuse?

Submission + - The NSA's delightfully D&D-inspired guide to the Internet (

v3rgEz writes: In 2007, two NSA employees put together “Untangling the Web,” the agencies official guide to scouring the World Wide Web. The 651-page guide cites Borges, Frued, and Ovid — and that’s just in the preface. MuckRock obtained a copy of the guide under an NSA Freedom of Information request, and has a write up of all the guide's amazing best parts.

Submission + - Attackers Exploiting Critical SAP Flaw Since 2013 (

msm1267 writes: Three dozen global enterprises have been breached by attackers who exploited a single, mitigated vulnerability in SAP business applications.

The attacks were carried out between 2013 and are ongoing against large organizations owned by corporations in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, China, India, Japan, and South Korea, spanning 15 critical industries, researchers at Onapsis said today.

The severity of these attacks is high and should put other organizations on notice that are running critical business processes and data through SAP Java apps.

The issue lies in the Invoker Servlet, which is part of the standard J2EE specification and enables developers to test custom Java applications. When it is enabled, developers and users can call these servlets over the Internet directly without authentication or authorization controls. Attackers, however, can take advantage of this same functionality to exploit these business critical systems.

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