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The Courts

Submission + - Dutch court rules hyperlinks illegal

Ubi_NL writes: "In today's ruling of Playboy (via publisher Sanoma) vs Dutch blog Geenstijl, the court ruled that hyperlinking to copyrighted material was itself infringement of copyright. The court ordered the blog to remove all links to the infringing links (court ruling in dutch). How this ruling fits into the supreme court ruling that hyperlinks cannot by themselves infringe copyright is still to be discussed, possibly in an appeal. An interesting detail of the case is that the anonymous source that pointed Geenstijl to the images did this from an IP address within the Sanoma organisation..."

Comment Re:Lies (Score 1) 1264

I don't recall seeing anywhere that it will be forced on you, I understood it to be a recommendation and not a forced act. Please let me know if I'm wrong. Providing I'm correct, no one is going to force you to chop off your foreskin.

Comment Re:No prompter (Score 1) 62

Plus, you will learn to think faster to fill the dead air (at least how to think up BS, if not actual content). Trust me, it is worth it to learn how to speak without using "uh" and "um." Granted, doing it in front of people is somewhat harder, but the basic idea is the exact same.

Why would I want to fill the silence with BS instead of a filler word? at least with a filler word like "uh" or "um" I'm not BSing people.

Comment Re:keyboard and mouse (Score 1) 406

*I haven't tried to use a keyboard and mouse so this is based on past experience with the PS2 That only helps if they also make it a req of the games to work with a keyboard and mouse, or allow re-mapping of the controls at the system level to make it so you can USE the keyboard and mouse in all the games.

Comment Re:iPad vs. all Android tablets (Score 1) 584

Which I have happen all the time with my Iphone 3G, I have had apps that had to be removed because I updated to OS and they stopped working. I reverted my OS and was able to use the apps again, so now I'm stuck back at the factory installed firmware because otherwise I lose apps I paid for. Not to mention each update makes my whole phone slower and feel a lot more sluggish

Comment Re:Has this actually happened? (Score 2) 411

It is in fact a "safety inspection". I believe they do need a warrant to get into your home unless you let them in, I don't know if the would need extra evidence to get the warrant or not. here is a link. BCLocalNews. There is also a $5200 that can be charged to you regardless of if you have a grow op or not, though it is not always charged. here is another link Globe&Mail

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