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Comment Re:Mmmmm (Score 2) 45

They do, unless he patents something completely new that builds upon existing technoogy. Now some European patent offices have the tendency to rubber-stamp everything and have the courts sort out the prior art when somebody starts complaining, so there is actually a way he gets his patents approved and create a hurdle for small outfits. In any case, if there is indeed prior art, you can submit objections and proof of this prior art during the approval process.

Comment Why switch? (Score 0) 274

I am using rpm and yum for almost 20 years now and indeed, i once had a database corruption. All in all rpm has been good to me and has proven (to me) that it is stable in my production environments. I am sure this new method has some nice features, but ive been doing ok without them. So maybe i am haive, but could someone help me understand why i should consider such a new package manager?

Comment incomplete article (Score 1, Insightful) 225

Who is Masnick? Oh right, its the editor of Techdirt. Ok now the article makes some sense. Of course, simply writing "Mike Masnick, the editor of Techdirt, is worried the..." is probably too complicated, and I guess it should be common knowledge who 'Masnick' is, or we should expect people to look it up right?

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