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Comment Re:FBI Word games (Score 1) 342

But I think it's important to admit that there is a real subject of debate here.

No. There isn't.

Problem is that encryption is more than just sending messages to your co-conspirators. There's banking. Paying bills. All that other good stuff that we do without thinking about the encryption. Back door on encryption means that that's all gone. Can't afford to do online banking with broken encryption. Can't afford a lot of the conveniences of modern living (haven't had to actually write a check in years. And don't expect to have to again)....

Comment Re:Phase 2 testing (Score 1) 175

Patrol times were limited by space available for food, not because the Navy thought crews couldn't deal with longer trips.

For longer patrols (which occasionally happened when your partner boat wasn't available for one reason or another), it wasn't unusual for the crew to be walking on cases of canned food until they'd eaten enough to clear the passages.

Note, by the by, that Triton's submerged circumnavigation of the world would NOT have qualified as a "longer patrol".

Comment Re:Next Phase (Score 3, Informative) 635

She is 83, not crazy.

Who is 83? The woman in TFA is 65. The only place I saw "83"mentioned was the distance....

Note that both my mother-in-law and my both my grandmothers could have made that shot. The one shot skeet with her husband till his friends complained that she always won the pot (they generally bet the price of the range-time, I understand), and the other two shot for the pot....

Comment Re:Phase 2 testing (Score 2) 175

Submarine crews do almost that on a regular base

True, but they don't stay submerged for months on end.

SSBN. USS Kamehameha (SSBN-642) had, as its normal mission "Sail out of harbor, submerge, make circles in the ocean for the two+ months of the patrol, surface, go back into port".

Yes, I was part of her crew. So, yes, I know for a fact that we went out, submerged, and stayed that way. No port calls, no surfacing, no resupply. Just make holes in the ocean till the patrol was done.

Comment Re:I think Google would walk here (Score 1) 172

On the other hand, there's a brand new market to provide Eurocentric news in Euro languages from somewhere outside the EU. No fees, so Google doesn't have a problem with displaying them, plus ad revenue, lots of eyes because it's what the Euro types see when they type a search into Google, etc....

Comment Re:If they're going to do this... (Score 1) 193

Unfortunately the summary describes a 16 hour week + "additional flexible hours". Beyond that, the only clue is "30 hours per week", which is evenly divisible by five days (or six), but not four.

Hence my comment....

Personally, I've been looking forward to the four day work-week for a long time. Last time we shortened the workweek (from six days per to five) was before my father was born....

Comment Re:social experiments (Score 1) 322

I'd be interested in knowing WHY the robot babies failed.

Perhaps because human females are hardwired genetically to like babies?

Actually, this whole notion is from a very old science fiction story. Main characters had to deal with robot baby before they could get a license to have a real one. Very funny story.

But, as it turns out, completely unnecessary, since higher standard of living seems to reduce reproduction rate nicely in the Real World (tm).

Comment 70% accuracy? (Score 2, Insightful) 84

Hmm, 166 users, 71 of whom were known depressed. 70% accuracy means they picked 50 of the depressed people as depressed, and 28 (or 29) of the non-depressed people as depressed.

Given that the national depression rate is 6.7% (take that with a grain of salt), we'd expect to see, based on this test, 32.7% of the population found to be depressed. Of that 32.7%, one in seven would actually be depressed....

Color me less than impressed with this study.

Comment Re:Or the other reason.... (Score 2) 446

And yet the Netherlands has no problems with flooding despite most of the country being below sea level..

Of course, the Netherlands don't have a 3M km^2 watershed dumping water into them, either. And the Netherlands is smaller than Louisiana alone (by a factor of about 2.5), much less the Mississippi watershed (by a factor of about 80)....

Comment Re:Or... (Score 1) 82

The USA is the country which was in the right place at the right time to dominate everything for the last couple hundred years.

Couple??? No, the USA has dominated for the last century, maybe. In the 19th century, we were mostly a non-entity outside North America (and arguably South America). We didn't really take over as the dominant world power till WW2. Before that, the UK was still the big dog....

Comment Re:perhaps a buyback program? (Score 1) 191

Didn't you notice OP's "no questions asked"?

If the police are going to run serial numbers, that's going to convince people not to sell their guns to the cops. Which means it'll work like most "gun buy-backs" - they get a lot of crap (like a WW1-era rifle) instead of the guns they want to get (the ones the gang-bangers are using).

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