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Comment Re:Voice voted bills are veto-proof (Score 2) 92

as it passed both houses through voice vote.

No. Passed the House through voice vote. Passed Seante by "unanimous consent" (that means everyone, in both Parties, thought it was a great idea.

Note that one of the "features" of a Voice Vote is that there's no record of who actually voted for/against it in the House.

Comment Re:The Finest Day.... (Score 2) 184

four and a half years old? i'm sorry, you don't remember shit from that age;

I was about that old (closer to 4 and 2/3) when Kennedy was assassinated. And I have very clear memories of watching the funeral on TV, wrapped in a blanket next to my mother and brothers.

Mind you, that's about the only clear memory I retain earlier than Apollo (ten then). Some things you forget (what you had for dinner three weeks ago Thursday), some you remember forever. Even if you're very young.

Comment Re:They sound completely insane (Score 1) 322

Of course, not every Muslim pays as much attention to this sort of thing as one might think. I remember a guy I knew 20 years or so ago. Egyptian. Muslim. One night I asked him if it would bother him if I did something (a beer with dinner, I think -it's been a while).

His response: "I am a Muslim. My religion requires me to not do certain things. I don't do them. It also requires me to do certain things. I don't do them either. And my religion doesn't bind you in any way."

Comment Re:And what percentage of the full user base is th (Score 2) 40

I was already assuming that Google's market penetration was 100% of the world's population.

Increase the chances and/or decrease time by whatever you assume to be Google's actual penetration (which, however slight, is enough to complete the offense)....

Comment Re:And what percentage of the full user base is th (Score 2) 40

Those numbers translate to about a 1 in 1000 chance that any particular person will be affected in their lifetime.

Assuming that they cover EVERYONE, of course.

And assuming that the request rate stays constant. There is no reason to believe that it will stay constant (especially since it's trending upwards as we speak). If the current growth rate of requests continues, then the chance of any particular person being affected in their lifetime will be 50:50 within 40 or 50 years.

Will the growth rate remain constant? Probably not. But it's more likely to increase than decrease - governments do like their new toys.

Comment Re:So this is Russia answer to the ,, (Score 1) 256


Not much, really. No, a nuclear weapon won't go off if the silly thing crashes.

Nor will it make things radioactive, really. Remember, your basic ICBM warhead is already designed for reentry, so it's not going to vaporize and spread Pu239 all over the place if the spaceplane crashes.

About all the nuclear bomber in space does, when it gets down to it, is give you an ICBM that you can change your mind about. Once you pull the trigger on an ICBM, it's done. With the spaceplane, you can decide not to be so hasty if you get nervous over the half hour from launch to deployment of the nukes from the plane.

So, ultimately this is about having the delivery speed of an ICBM with the recall-ability of a bomber....

Comment How does it taste? (Score 4, Interesting) 351

I'm assuming it tastes like chicken, in which case put me down for "yes".

If it tastes like beef, well, that's another yes.

Pork? mmmm... No, I think not.

Rubber? Definite no for that.

Any other options to be considered? Doubt they'd start with alligator (which would be a "yes") or salmon (another "yes") or elephant ("maybe?")....

Comment Umm, satellites? (Score 2) 173

Is there really someone so ignorant that they think the locations of anything visible to the sky is unknown? Seriously?

Or is this just more hatemongering aimed at a game that's actually getting kids (and adults) outside and walking around? Oh, the humanity! People are actually exercising and talking to their neighbors!!!!

Comment Re:Why aren't police unions for gun control? (Score 3, Interesting) 212

I utterly fail to comprehend why the police unions are not FOR strong gun control. They would benefit from it more directly than any other group in the country. Countries that don't allow guns enables cops to not have to carry guns [].

Police Unions do tend to favour gun control. Especially in cities/states that already have strong gun control laws. Note that Chicago has some of the strongest gun control laws in the country, and a rather higher than average murder & crime rate.

Do keep in mind that "enable" is NOT the same as "require": As in 'countries that don't allow guns REQUIRE cops to not hae to carry guns". Yeah, some places with no guns, cops don't carry. Other places with no guns, cops still get to use them. And much more safely, since noone will be shooting back. Do remember that the USSR (and Nazi Germany) had strong gun control laws, yet in neither place did they have "kinder, gentler" police (as a rather extreme example).

For that matter, seems to me Rwanda did the gun control thing just before they did the "massacre those other guys" thing....

Personally, I'm in favour of strict gun control laws. For the police. They don't need to carry a handgun, a shotgun & an assault rifle (latter two in the car, and a REAL assault rifle, not just the scary looking guns that the Left keeps trying to convince us are the same thing). When the cops disarm, I'll think about it. Probably won't get rid of my guns, but I'll at least think about it....

Comment Re:Why rehabilitate the unwilling? (Score 1) 118

Yes, you should. Suicide isn't a crime (attempted suicide IS), and shouldn't be (neither should making the attempt and failing).

Suicidal urges shouldn't make you liable for prison (doesn't usually happen, but it is a crime punishable by prison in many places), though a therapist might ought to be mandatory....

Comment Re:time travel question (Score 0) 174

What is the trigger event for you to make an move to another country ASAP ?

Sans Second Amendment, other countries are less free than even the current USA. Of course, if someone manages to get the Supremes to declare the Second null and void to all intents and purposes, then that would be sufficient to make me consider leaving....

Comment Re:A Rogue Jupiter more and more likely... (Score 1) 119

The bigger it is the slower the periodic cycle but the more dramatic the events it would deliver would be.

No it isn't. The mass of the object does not affect its orbital period at all. A speck of dust has the same orbital velocity and period as a giant jupiter.

I suspect he meant that the bigger it is, the farther away it has to be to have not been detected. Which implies a longer orbit for a larger object....

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