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Comment Re:actually, (Score 1) 1148

Not that I agree with the Troll AC that began this, but you are confusing 'Hypothesis" and "Fact". According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a "fact" does in fact need to be true and/or correct. A "hypothesis" is a statement that can be tested to determine Fact or Fiction. "Opinion", however, is a statement that cannot be tested since it based upon one's personal view or beliefs.

n. 1. a thing that is known to have occurred, to exist, or to be true. 2. a datum of experience (often foll. by an explanatory clause or phrase : the fact that fire burns; the fact of my having seen them). 3. (usu. in pl.) an item of verified information; a piece of evidence. 4. truth, reality. 5. a thing assumed as the basis for argument or inference.

n. (pl. hypotheses) 1 a proposition made as a basis for reasoning, without the assumption of its truth. 2. a supposition made as a starting-point for further investigation from known facts (cf. THEORY). 3. a groundless assumption.

n. 1. a belief or assessment based on grounds short of proof. 2. a view held as probable. 3. (often foll. by on) what one thinks about a particular topic or question (my opinion on capital punishment). 4. a a formal statement of professional advice (will get a second opinion). b Law a formal statement of reasons for a judgement given. 5. an estimation (had a low opinion of it).

Submission + - E. Coli to produce hydrocarbons from water and CO2 ( 1

Ipeunipig writes: A privately held and highly secretive U.S. biotech company named Joule Unlimited received a patent for “a proprietary organism” – a genetically adapted E. coli bacterium – that feeds solely on carbon dioxide and excretes liquid hydrocarbons: diesel fuel, jet fuel and gasoline. This breakthrough technology, the company says, will deliver renewable supplies of liquid fossil fuel almost anywhere on Earth, in essentially unlimited quantity and at an energy-cost equivalent of $30 (U.S.) a barrel of crude oil.

Comment Scope Creep (Score 2, Insightful) 228

"effectively gives Google the ability to arbitrarily deem any software, feature or function 'non-compatible.'".

How is this different from what other companies do in their 'App Approval' process? It seems to me that this lawsuit may cross into other areas if Google is found guilty.

Scope Creep applies in more areas than software development!

Submission + - The very first Kindle 3 hands-on video (

An anonymous reader writes: This is very first Kindle 3 hands-on video. If you are interest in this bestselling ebook reader and want t o find out what is it actually is from the customer point of view here is the videos that may help you ! The first one is Kindle 3 web browser video which will demonstrate to you that if browsing the web is good or bad. It’s clearly that it’s faster than I expected.

Comment Re:Does it explain the sucky battery life? (Score 5, Informative) 248

We have about 150 iPhones for corporate use and we have had to return 8 so far because of bad battery life. We have had more reports of deteriorating battery life from approx. 25 more users that doing a full restore to the phone and NOT applying the backup, just rebuilding the phone manually, has resolved their battery life back to original capacity.

The key is not to restore the backup created immediately before the restore in iTunes. Even though all of the push and antenna settings are set correctly, there is still something in the OS that makes the battery drain.

The worst one I've seen so far would drain 8% every 5 minutes; you could literally watch the battery percentage count down like a timer. Doing a restore of the OS fixed it.

Comment Re:Pfff... (Score 1) 1213

Not keeping up on the latest version of whatever companies OS your company currently will bite you in the ass in the long run. Hope that job keeps you for a long time because your skills are now stagnant compared to the rest of the job market.

Any IS/IT job requires constant training and education to keep up with the world, not just your current environment; especially in today's economy.

Hope you still remember how to flip burgers.

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