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Comment Re:QHD 5.7 in (Score 1) 116

Can even the most attune pair of eyes in all of humanity resolve the display with any pixelation at that point?

In theory, yes. In practice, it's not worth it because there's a cost in processing power (thus precious battery). I'd say about 300ppi is as good as a normal user will even notice. Still, there is one big point for higher ppi: using the phone as the display of a virtual reality headset (such as Samsung's own Gear VR). I tried my old Note II (265ppi) with a generic "Cardboard" headset, and it was rather pixelated.

Comment Re:A step back towards sanity (Score 1) 128

Let's look at a maximised browser window for example.

That's a mistake. Sometimes I need it non-maximized. Then your "ideal" design becomes a hindrance. All for a few pixels, to compensate for your subpar hardware. What we need is, at least, to move away from 16:9 to 16:10 monitors and demand better pixel density. Shit like 1366x768 laptops, that's not even worth taking in account! Also, since consistency is essential to produce user-friendly software, any developer who deviates from the HIG without some damn good reason is not worth his salt.

Comment Re:A step back towards sanity (Score 0) 128

And without a title bar, a maximised window would have its tool bar or menu at the top screen edge, making it easier to click on.

Infinite vertical targeting, that's why a Mac-style global menu bar is a good thing. Too bad almost no one copied it, and the only example that comes to mind - Ubuntu's Unity - is seriously flawed in many other respects. But anyway, I don't want to sacrifice actual usability for a few vertical pixels. If your screen is so damn low-res that this is an issue, the problem is your hardware. Crap, this wouldn't even be worth debating if it wasn't for the idiotic move from 4:3 to widescreen.

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