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Comment Re:Good riddance! (Score 1) 83

This is the mobile equivalent of the mid 1990s. Unix dying, commodore dead, Apple II dead, Apple dying, OS/2 dying. Windows was the answer and won.

Then Linux showed up and now rules everything that is not a desktop. And the Mac is still selling pretty well too.

MeeGo didn't ahve a playstore

It sure did, never heard of the Ovi Store?

Comment Good riddance! (Score 1, Interesting) 83

As we witness the end of this sad tale, let us not forget that Microsoft tried to hijack Nokia's rabidly loyal userbase by planting one of their own as CEO and switching the company to WP, only to be universally rejected. They killed the top-selling smartphone system of the time (Symbian) and the new system that everyone was hyped for (MeeGo), all to peddle a late, rushed, still unfinished piece of crap that no one wanted.

So, good fucking riddance to stillborn WP, the mobile equivalent of "this is why we can't have nice things" (and by "nice things" I mean MeeGo).


The Kodi Development Team Wants To Be Legitimate and Bring DRM To the Platform. ( 156

New submitter pecosdave writes: The XBMC/ Kodi development team has taken a lot of heat over the years, mostly due to third-party developers introducing piracy plugins to the platform. In many cases, cheap Android computers are often sold with these plugins pre-installed with the Kodi or XBMC name attached to them -- something that caused Amazon to ban sales of such devices. The Kodi team is not happy about this, and has taken the fight to the sellers. The Kodi team is now trying to work with rights holders to introduce DRM and legitimate plugins to the platform. Is this the first step towards creating a true one-stop do it yourself Linux entertainment system?

Comment Re:rich kids 'member (Score 1) 467

I recall watching an interview in which Jobs explained why the Lisa cost so much. Remember that Apple hired a bunch of PARC people back then? That's the thing, their fatal mistake was that they retained a Xerox mindset. They thought their clientele was still upscale offices for whom a $10,000 workstation was a very reasonable expense.

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