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Christmas Cheer

Submission + - Ultimate iPhone App - Control Christmas Lights (

IntelliAdmin writes: "I thought other Slashdotters might appreciate this one. Our lead developer, Steve Wiseman, has created an iPhone application that allows him to control Christmas lights. It uses a custom built iPhone application, along with a webserver using PHP to handle the requests. The X10 signals are then sent using the serial port based FireCracker from X10."

Submission + - Good arguments to open commercial software (

IntelliAdmin writes: "I work for a small ISV that has just released a beta of their remote control software. It is a clean room implementation of the VNC protocol. This means they did not use the original VNC source to produce it. I am trying to get them to release an open source version since RealVNC has held back their Vista and 2008 compatible versions. What would be some good arguments I could take to the owners that Open Sourcing this would be a good idea?"

Submission + - Bug causes Microsoft to push Vista RTM to Nov. 8

IntelliAdmin writes: "Microsoft originally targeted October 25th for Vista's release to manufacturing, but a last-minute bug that "took most of the Vista team by surprise" caused an unexpected delay, said Ethan Allen, a quality assurance lead at a Seattle high-tech company that tests its products for Vista. Allen said the Vista team discovered the bug, which "would totally crash the system, requiring a complete reinstall". Vista now has a new RTM date of November 8th"
GameCube (Games)

Submission + - Grand Theft Auto maker loses round in lawsuit

IntelliAdmin writes: "A federal judge refused a request from Take-Two Interactive Software to immediately dismiss some claims in a lawsuit accusing it of selling "Grand Theft Auto" video games containing sexually explicit images under the wrong content label. The best-selling "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" was found to have hidden sex scenes in 2005. The explicit scenes, known as "Hot Coffee," allowed players to engage in virtual sex acts."

Submission + - Cell phone locks when owner goes to far away

IntelliAdmin writes: "A new mobile phone in Japan locks automatically when its owner moves too far away and can be found via satellite navigation when it goes missing. It comes with a small black card about the size of a movie-ticket stub that works as a security key by connecting wirelessly with the cell phone. Enter the phone number and other information into a Web site, and a map will pop up showing the phone's location."

Submission + - Microsoft releases final version of Defender

IntelliAdmin writes: "Microsoft released its final version of Windows Defender on Tuesday (Formerly known as Microsoft Antispyware). The last release was beta 2 in February. Since then about 30 million people have downloaded it. Hopefully this free product from Microsoft does not bring an end to Ad-Aware, and SpyBot"

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