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Christmas Cheer

Submission + - Ultimate iPhone App - Control Christmas Lights (

IntelliAdmin writes: "I thought other Slashdotters might appreciate this one. Our lead developer, Steve Wiseman, has created an iPhone application that allows him to control Christmas lights. It uses a custom built iPhone application, along with a webserver using PHP to handle the requests. The X10 signals are then sent using the serial port based FireCracker from X10."

Submission + - Good arguments to open commercial software (

IntelliAdmin writes: "I work for a small ISV that has just released a beta of their remote control software. It is a clean room implementation of the VNC protocol. This means they did not use the original VNC source to produce it. I am trying to get them to release an open source version since RealVNC has held back their Vista and 2008 compatible versions. What would be some good arguments I could take to the owners that Open Sourcing this would be a good idea?"

Comment It is a database people (Score 3, Informative) 158

FireBird is a database system that has been used in many projects. It has nothing to do with Firefox or any browser or email client. Just go to the website to check it out

From the website: Firebird 2.0 is the happy culmination of more than two years' efforts from a broad-ranging, truly international community of dedicated developers and supporters. It brings with it a large collection of long-awaited enhancements that significantly improve performance, security and support for international languages and realise some desirable new SQL language features. Under the surface, it also provides a much more robust code platform from which the re-architecting planned for Firebird 3.0 is proceeding.

Podcasting Goes Pay-to-Play 277

James Draven writes "For the last year, people have been wondering - how to make money off podcasts? Some have dabbled with advertising, some with user donations, but now the most popular podcast on iTunes is moving to a subscription model. Bit-Tech is reporting that the Ricky Gervais Show will cost $7 a month starting next week."

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