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Comment Re: You are much more sure than SCO is (Score 1) 115

it's pretty simple, poors want free stuff and they want to be recognized for their frugality
so, the poors that can only use Linux because they can't afford PCs or macs now have a vested interest in Linux succeeding because a) they want the free ride to continue and b) they can claim some level of expertise for a nice computer janitor job
now you get to SCO vs IBM. If IBM wins, AIX becomes the standard Unix instead of smelly hippie free "as in beer and speech!!!!" Linux. poor Linux "admins" can't have that, it takes away the gravy train in favor of professionals so... it all makes sense when you think about the idiot poors that are trying hard to be real IT pros.
this also explains why stories like databases with no admin password exposed to the internet getting hacked become news.

Bullshit. If you are poor the machines you can buy come with Windows in the price tag. Linux machines are virtually always higher priced because the manufacturers don't get paid to install all the crapware/trial ware on the system. People who use Linux do so because they WANT to. They use Windows because it comes with the system and it is what they know already.

Comment Re: lol (Score 1) 115

Let's be honest, it's an open secret that the Linux kernel contains large sections of copyrighted code from SCO UNIX. For those familiar with both collections of source code, it was generally assumed that SCO would win their lawsuit, and simply a question of what the fallout would be. Although dismissed out of hand by IBM and members of the open source community who were constantly moving the goalposts, SCO did provide a comprehensive list of source files and line numbers in Linux that matched portions of SCO UNIX. The fact is, SCO's claims of copyright violations by Linux developers and users were valid, factual, and completely legal. To this day, the Linux kernel contains large sections of copyrighted code that came straight from SCO UNIX. The open source community generally is vocal in favoring the "little guy" against large corporations like Microsoft and Google, whose motives and actions are frequently called into question. It's bemoaned that the so-called little guy is unlikely to stand a chance against the massive and well-funded legal teams retained by large corporations. This is for good reason, that everyone should be entitled to the same rights, regardless of their ability to afford top notch legal teams. SCO was the little guy compared to IBM, a small company with limited resources simply trying to ensure their copyrights were protected. IBM squashed them like a bug, not because the lawsuit was invalid. In fact, SCO's claims of copyright infringement are generally accepted as mostly correct. Rather, IBM had the legal resources to draw out legal battles and win a war of attrition against SCO, no matter the validity of the claims. If the open source community truly cares about ensuring the little guy has the same rights as large corporations, they should have been supporting SCO against a behemoth like IBM. To this day, I fail to understand the hypocrisy in supporting the little guy against giants like Apple and Microsoft, but rooting for another giant, IBM, to decimate SCO.

Sorry Jeff but you must have missed the memo. The SCO Group lost all that in court. They didn't have a legal leg to stand on. They are bankrupt with no assets. Have a nice day.

Comment Re:She lost, get over it already (Score 1) 524

He is going to be our next president for the next ten years. You're not going to fight this, you're going to shut up, and like it. Get over it already. You're redefining what it means to be a sore loser. No matter what you do you're only getting more people to support God-Emperor Trump, and hate liberalism in all its forms. Congratulations, this is exactly why you lost, and why you will keep on losing.

He can only be elected to two 4 year terms (total of 8 years). I can't see him running as some one else's vice President running mate on the hope that the President would leave office and let him take over for a partial term to exceed the 2 term limit.

Comment Re:pen and paper (Score 1) 299

I'm sure that somewhere in a 8-12 hour period when the polls are open, people will get a lunch break to use if they want to vote.

I work in another city (10 hour shifts) I get 1/2 an hour for lunch and DON'T drive. Its a 35 minute walk to my closest public transit connection. So my Lunch doesn't exactly cover it.

Comment Re: My god! (Score 1) 299

If you need to "find out to be sure" you're one of those lunatics still in denial. I'd punch you in the face if it were legal, but unfortunately even blunt force trauma cannot reverse the brain damage that liberalism has already done.

Did you apply the same standard to Birthers (like Trump) who couldn't get over it that Obama won TWICE?

Comment Re: What an empty life (Score 1) 736

"UNLESS Darren Wilson pursued while shooting at Brown. Yeah, Wilson LIED and yeah, eyewitness testimony says Wilson attempted to run over Brown and then shot him.

So you are saying that a cop should NOT pursue a fleeing criminal? Remember even the autopsies done for the parents say that Brown was NOT shot in the back but was facing the cop. First I've heard the claim of the cop trying to run over Brown.

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