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Comment Re:My thoughts... (Score 1) 387

In another forum that I take part in I monitored conversations that I found interesting but about which I was not knowledgeable. One of the guys who seemed to be really interesting and to really know what he was talking about I later engaged on other topics I knew about and found him to be an unmitigated liar in everything he said. I pretty much discarded everything he had ever said in those other arguments because I knew his history as a liar. An AC can't be judged for his honesty based on his past as he has none traceable.

Comment Re:Lets be real now, what did MS do wrong? (Score 1) 312

A EULA is a contract, and MS is just doing what they stated they have the right to do as per the agreement spelled out quite plainly before someone hits "accept".

Really? Every time I have bought software it was termed as a sale and had a receipt for the sale. A License/Contract was never mentioned. I doubt also that the retailer has a contract with Microsoft to enable them to sign a contract for MS. Normally the terms of the contract are agreed to BEFORE payment is tendered, they are not normally presented AFTER payment.

Comment Re:Spyware (Score 1) 982

For examples of (B) in the FOSS community, look at the crash reporting used by Firefox and Ubuntu. Yes, Ubuntu, the entire distribution. Sure, they show you what they're supposedly sending, if you're interested to look, but the data is sent over an encrypted connection so, well, unless you compiled it from source (using a trusted compiler you also wrote yourself) from code you've fully reviewed, you're putting your trust in whoever provided the binaries, compiler, and/or source code.

The Firefox telemetry you can at least turn off. Ubuntu? Don't know. Win 10 apparently only to degrees and the risk MS will turn it back on.

Comment Re:Spyware (Score 2) 982

Prepare for chicken little "spyware" comments when describing simple telemetry. Prepare for "concerns" that you can't inspect the telemetry due to the use of *gasp* secured connections.

Oh, and prepare for adware comments because they might dare suggest an app you might install from the store.

In fact, prepare for nothing useful. Only FUD.

1/ I bought and paid for MY computer. I NOT Microsoft get to decide what if any "telemetry" gets sent.

2/ I value my privacy so NO telemetry get sent.

3/ Microsoft can get fucked.

Comment Re:That's a funny new definition of "entitlement" (Score 1) 438

They are profiting... what makes you think they aren't? Are you saying the content being withheld isn't available in Canada at all? And if the content is available through other legal means in Canada, where's the justification for stealing? Just because it's not part of the service you use?

A lot of stuff is NOT available in Canada.

Comment Re:That's a funny new definition of "entitlement" (Score 1) 438

f you restrict that access unnecessarily or price gouge they'd react accordingly.

The department store Target opened in Canada a few years ago. One of their executives was asked if Canadians were going to get the same prices as the American stores. His response was no because Canadians are used to being ripped off (not an exact quote). Target no longer operates in Canada. Wonder if their is a connection? ;)/p

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 197

Chargers die and need replacement. The case of the battery will wear (leaks) and the battery will need replacement. Good batteries mean more battery powered items so more batteries and more chargers. Sell only proprietary models for a particular product, buy a new camera still need to buy a new battery as the old doesn't fit or has different voltage.

Comment Re:First you need the science educated people (Score 1) 154

Your bigotry is showing.

How is it bigotry to say that non science does not belong in a public school science classroom? Or is it that ID is creationism? Read the Wedge Document it makes it quite clear that ID is Creationism. Read the ruling in the "Dover Trial" the Christian Judge quite clearly saw that ID was Creationism not science. Teach your religion in your church and your home to your kids not to everyone elses kids. Obey the 1st Amendment. i

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