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Comment Re:She lost, get over it already (Score 1) 524

He is going to be our next president for the next ten years. You're not going to fight this, you're going to shut up, and like it. Get over it already. You're redefining what it means to be a sore loser. No matter what you do you're only getting more people to support God-Emperor Trump, and hate liberalism in all its forms. Congratulations, this is exactly why you lost, and why you will keep on losing.

He can only be elected to two 4 year terms (total of 8 years). I can't see him running as some one else's vice President running mate on the hope that the President would leave office and let him take over for a partial term to exceed the 2 term limit.

Comment Re:pen and paper (Score 1) 299

I'm sure that somewhere in a 8-12 hour period when the polls are open, people will get a lunch break to use if they want to vote.

I work in another city (10 hour shifts) I get 1/2 an hour for lunch and DON'T drive. Its a 35 minute walk to my closest public transit connection. So my Lunch doesn't exactly cover it.

Comment Re: My god! (Score 1) 299

If you need to "find out to be sure" you're one of those lunatics still in denial. I'd punch you in the face if it were legal, but unfortunately even blunt force trauma cannot reverse the brain damage that liberalism has already done.

Did you apply the same standard to Birthers (like Trump) who couldn't get over it that Obama won TWICE?

Comment Re: What an empty life (Score 1) 736

"UNLESS Darren Wilson pursued while shooting at Brown. Yeah, Wilson LIED and yeah, eyewitness testimony says Wilson attempted to run over Brown and then shot him.

So you are saying that a cop should NOT pursue a fleeing criminal? Remember even the autopsies done for the parents say that Brown was NOT shot in the back but was facing the cop. First I've heard the claim of the cop trying to run over Brown.

Comment Re:All Grown Up (Score 1) 227

I'm not sure why this is modded down, but it is 100% correct. Most Space Nutters get their "knowledge" from scifi, not reality. The reality is that engineering is tough, very tough. I am not talking about programming either. Anyone who has engineered anything even moderately complex knows we are not going to be living on Mars.

Actually it is modded down for being bullshit. Adult SciFi fans tend to be the type to learn the science out of curiosity and to be annoyed when the shows get it wrong. Many scientists and engineers are what they are because of Sci Fi inspiring them.

Read Armageddon 2419 (the original Buck Rogers novel), it predicts telecommuting, 3D TV, teleoperated machinery and rocket guns (bazookas) just for a few things. It was published in 1928. Sure it got other things wrong like anti gravity metals and disintegration rays. But it INSPIRED a whole generation of scientists and engineers.

You naysayers are the modern day William Proxmire voting down everything you don't understand. Guess you will LOVE having Trump as your President.

Comment Re:I still telnet for usurper (Score 1) 181

There were lots of types of door games. I started with Yankee Trader (hunting someone who annoyed me and destroying him where ever he played). Moved on to Galactic Warzone (more sophisticated Yankee trader style game). Then BRE (Barren Realms Elite) a multi BBS game. These were all SciFi war games. I played others to varying degrees from SRE (BRE predecessor single bbs only) where I played it only once when challenged to trounce the "team" who trashed my (ex now) brother-in-law everytime he played (think he was trying to set me up to be trounced but he failed in that) to Falcons Eye which I played for a few months.

Started with a 1200 baud modem to hunt the individual above. Ended running a Wildcat 4 BBS with 56K modem,a NEC 4 CD changer and 2 GB HD on a 100 mhz AMD 486 with Windows 98SE. Before the Wildcat it was TAG with a 486SX 25 mhz. No pirate section and it was a bannable offence to even ask about one.

Comment Re: Android isn't as good for homework (Score 1) 255

Windows 10 update problems at work. Update stopped all use of my computer and my bosses for the first 2 hours one day. Another wouldn't let my keyboard work for more than a few seconds at a time, had to unplug it and plug it back in to get those few seconds. Third, the window I was working on would become "invisible", you could see where it was but not what was in it and couldn't do anything while it was randomly in that state till it randomly returned.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 287

Name me something that exists on the Linux BSD platforms that does not also exist for the Windows platform? I am not going to get into an argument as to which is better , the discussion is how open is the Windows platform. Anyone can develop software for Windows with no restrictions, up until recently, anyone could develop hardware for Windows with no restrictions. That is by definition an open platform, we are not talking about whether the OS is open as that is a completely different thing.

A dedicated swap partition with a custom file system optimized for that use.

Comment Re:So they want an ecosystem like Steam/PC... (Score 0) 264

The fact that Windows XP lasted so long is another indication that most people are willing to stick with "sub-par but stable" for a long time.

Sorry, you lost me there. Why do you think Vista or any of the later Windows were better for the home user than XP? Their increased DRM and control by Microsoft was a killer for me. This is MY COMPUTER no Microsofts. Microsoft has no legal authority to enforce their idea of the law on me and their DRM has attempted to block my LEGAL use of various items of software and media. Now I have no more Microsoft software. Win 2K Pro was the last Windows I actually liked (in spite of the annoying DRM).

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