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Comment Re:Take whoever came up with this (Score 2) 152

Yep, you've never actually worked in such an environment, have you? I've seen people making six figures who steal routinely $20 stuff from their employers. I've seen well paid general managers of grocery stores stealing steaks. I've seen IT directors who drive Teslas but who still pocket RAM sticks from the lab. You'll understand when you start working.

Those same people will tell you they didn't steal anything because they were "perqs" of the job. But let their underlings take a half pencil home and they go berserk. They are the Elites so they have the RIGHT to their perqs. The Peons who work for them have no rights in their eyes.

Comment Re:Fantastic, really. (Score 1) 306

Yes, and "costs 10x as much to build batteries with 3x the charge as 20% more discharges" (which was my hypothetical scenario) is not economical.

Consider your base vehicle gets 100 miles/charge. 1000 charges will take you 100,000 miles before the battery begins to seriously degrade. With 3 times the charge it would be 300 miles/charge. With 20% more charge cycles that becomes 300 miles x 1200 cycles or 360,000 miles. You might never have to replace the battery before the car is otherwise worn out.

Comment Re:I'd rather they put more money into bug fixing (Score 1) 249

Update made it so the keyboard had to be unplugged and plugged back in after typing 2-5 characters.

Update blocked network access.

Update blocked Terminal Software from network access.

Update blocking all department computers on a Monday morning for 2 hours

In my personal life no more MS products. Can ya guess why? Microsoft can't seem to understand.

Comment Re:if it can be seen from car, how is it private? (Score 1) 85

The privacy of the crowd. Someone sitting on the stoop watching people go by is just a people watcher. If he starts following you around ducking around a corner when you look back, he's a stalker.

If he starts making records of everywhere you go, your route there, how long you remain and what purchases you make and who with he is a corporation violating your privacy.

You see in public you don't have an expectation to not be seen. You do have an expectation that you won't be tracked, or at least you used to have before the corporate espionage state took over.

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