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Comment Re:For the love of god... (Score 2) 144

"routinely sexually harassed in those classes" - this is a stupid, misandrist, and spurious argument.

- You have no data backing up the "routinely" part aside from your own certain conviction that all men are evil
- You have made absolutely ZERO effort to establish causality even if we assume for a second that you can find such data. Counterproof: women are a LOT more routinely sexually harrassed in politics (Bill Clinton anyone? One count of rape, one count of open-and-shut sexual harrassment. Or hell, look at how prevalent sexual assault was at OWS). Yet women go into politics. In droves.
    Or, let's take another example: entertainment industry. The epitome of sexual harrassment (look up "casting couch" term). I'm finding it hard to observe a shortage of women. SO... what would make STEM so goddamned special that a couple of instances of nerds not knowing how to express romantic interest drives 100% of women out?
- You have ALSO completely discounted that if the male sexual harrassment was the reason, then all-woman colleges would stamp out female STEM majors like hotcakes. in tens of thousands. NEW female-only colleges for STEM would be opening daily. Women-friendly startups started by women would TROUNCE women-hostile ones because the creme-de-la-creme of women STEMs would join them. NONE of that happens, because the problem isn't sexual harrassment.

Comment Re:For the love of god... (Score 2) 144

Oh please. School teaching for one. Because women (both mothers and teacher) automatically view every male as potential child molester, thanks to feminist propaganda that every male is a potential rapist.

Nursing is another. Men feel unwelcome in the profession, both from the nurses AND the customers (who want pretty female nurses).

Women's cloths modeling (if you apply your brains for a second, it's not as absurd as it sounds - plenty of models are thin, tall and built like men, except a man would have to wear fake breasts). And it's an extremely well-paid profession so excluding men from it is highly discriminatory

Then we have straight men being excluded from clothing and fashion design.

Comment Re:I fully support this! (Score 1) 177

I have an idea. How about you stop spouting nonsense and go read Joel on Software blog where he explains how pricing discrimination works and why it happens. You can't even accuse him of being a right wing corporate shill - he's a small business owner with internet-wide technical reputation and pretty far-left political views.

Comment Re:I fully support this! (Score 1) 177

I got news for you.

Do you have a 401k? Any of your relatives have pension plans? Did you get paid scholarship to go to that college that failed to teach you even the basics of economics?

Congratulations. You're an evul "shareholder" of a bunch of corporations.

(well, in the last case, your scholarship was generated from your endowment being a shareholder).

Comment Of course, if people were really honest... (Score 1) 530

They would also ask, how much of a liar do you need to be to be a female "journalist" like this one claims to be, and yet whitewash Islamists with horrible human rights and especially anti-women abuses?

They kill more women in honor killings a year than all the drone strikes combined. They rape more women every year than every injury among the innocent from the drone strikes. Yet, the evil n her eyes are the drones and not the Islamists.

Comment Karma, it hurts. (Score 2, Insightful) 274

Too bad there aren't even more (unlimited) H1-Bs.

Then all the left wing techies who are all happy and gang-ho about a bunch of low-skilled immigrants flooding USA (because they don't hurt their precious white collar jobs) would suddenly realize that Yes, People Get Hurt when you import a bunch of cheap workforce in a bad economy.

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