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Comment Re: Is Hawking up for the rigors of spaceflight? (Score 1) 77

it would be a fitting end for such an important person to science.

If you mention his name, plenty of people will say "that's the smart guy in the wheelchair with the funny voice", but very few of them would know about anything that he has done. He theorized that black holes emit radiation, and came up with some hypothesis about quantum gravity ... and that's about it.

I thought he was the one who in university made the Big Bang hypothesis work out in mathematics for the first time (maybe along with Roger Penrose). This is kind of an important thing in cosmology and in my books puts him amongst the greats like Feynman, Bohr, et al before him. Of course we also have Hawking radiation named after him and all the other stuff that you mention.

Comment Re:Wrong degree programme? (Score 2) 632

Ive recently went through a bunch of major renovation projects. Finding good trades people is impossible. Anyone available sucks. Anyone with good recommendation is booked for months and charge whatever they want.

You might want to think about this type of comment a bit more next time, as it can come across as quite condescending. One of the main points the article makes is that the older people have had it generally good in the past for employment/standard of living, etc. and the younger generations are being screwed by the older ones. In the comment above I read it as saying that the younger generation should be there to service you.

Painters don't get payed much of a wage for what is hard work if you've ever tried to paint a large space. Neither do many laborers. The ones that do have to deal with risk of death or injury that office jobs generally don't have to.

Comment Re: Courage (Score 2) 167

This is what courage looks like.

Umm, did you actually read the summary?

"So it is adding three hours of battery life, but in doing so, it's merely matching the battery life of last year's 1080p model."

If you were truly brave you'd use it with the screen turned off to get that extra 3 hours battery life.

Comment Re:We already have a useless class (Score 1) 414

For all of their faults (and there are many to be sure,) most large (and even mid size) corporations would fall apart without CxOs or some equivalent to keep everything moving in the same direction.

If you haven't read Marshall Brain's short story Manna, or similar things, it may be worth investing some time. Some people put forward the idea that these manager/director jobs can be done one day by PCs, mostly using existing technologies. It's an interesting idea with far reaching consequences for our societies of today if it were ever to happen.

Comment Re:Here's the problem. (Score 3, Insightful) 171

> it's actually the telephone company which owns the iPhone

I hate to do this, mostly 'cause I like you, but that's simply not true - by precedent. To give two good examples:

1. Your home. If you're paid and current with your mortgage and the bank has not foreclosed and taken possession then the lending agency can not grant rights.
2. Your car, just like the above. The dealership or credit agency can not give the police permission to search your vehicle. Well, they can. It won't hold up in court.

So long as you're current then you have most every right you'd have with complete ownership. You own your house even while the bank owns it. You have the deed, they have a lien on the deed. The same thing for your car if it is not yet fully paid off. I'm not positive but I strongly suspect that if you're incarcerated and unable to make your payment then they still can't give permission to search.

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