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Journal Journal: I Propose a New Slashdot Meme

I've noticed that there has been people trolling Slashdot in the past few days belittling technology advances because of the current human rights problem (genocide) in Africa. I just replied to a discussion on a device which would bungee you into space by saying:

If only it could lift people out of Darfur...

The second line is my attempt to spin humor on the situation. I don't want to lose my "Excellent" Karma after all do I?

However - today I propose a new Slashdot meme!

I say that any type of story should be replied to with a mention of how said products or participants aren't helping people in the Sudan. Don't get me wrong, I hate spammers. I just think that we need to be outspoken in order to get what we want from this government. It is about time we stopped chasing bad guys in Iraq and started getting them in the Sudan.

I don't care about the politics involved. We can't afford to let an entire ethnic group die off at the hands of another. We must use what means we have to bring the topic into the forefront of discussion worldwide.

What is America doing about all of this?

That should be the question worldwide and then god fearing people in America should be asking:

Why aren't these people worth saving?

"Culture of life!"

Culture of life? Get Real!

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