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Comment Easy solution (Score 1) 33

All you have to do is let the incumbent monopoly move their wires themselves, for the competition, before the independent contractor is scheduled to do it. But, oddly enough, they've been dragging their feet, almost as if they want to hurt their competition. So let them have to do it quickly if they want to do it themselves.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 827

Why would humans create a weapon like that? :(

Mostly because of other humans.

Nobody in their right state of mind wants it to be used.

Of course they want it to be used! You're just confusing its intended purpose as "killing millions of people" when everyone knows its real purpose is "threatening to kill millions of people". Just like most people who have a gun for self-defense consider the ideal use to be showing it to a bad guy and asking them to go away.

I think that if it weren't for atomic bombs, we'd already have fought World War III and probably World War IV by now. It's quite likely (but sadly not certain) that we won't have another world war ever again, mostly because of how terrible things would be if we do. The future of war might be state-sponsored terrorism "what us no we didn't attack you".

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 827

Game Theory is nice, but it also has to account for psychology and has to be based on accurate data. For example, in one of the games we played in my game theory class, almost everyone chose to cooperate in a game where "theoretically" we should have chosen to betray. When the game was repeated anonymously, everyone but one idiot chose to betray. The difference is that the first game's score included public reputation, which was valued more than game points and in practice changed the game from an adversarial game to a cooperative game, and the second was the adversarial game based on score.

Comment My memory must be failing me (Score 1) 325

Remember how smartwatches were supposed to be the next big thing?

Mostly what I remember is myself and almost everyone on Slashdot mocking them, on account of being inferior to a phone on most "smart" attributes such as size, battery life, price, and processing power, and inferior to a watch on most "watch" attributes, particularly size, battery life, and price. Certainly they would have a few use cases that would make them worth wearing, but for the majority it would be at best a cool but impractical gadget.

Comment Re:Make up your mind (Score 1) 162

I can guarantee you, taser drones will not be used on "terrorist barricades". Mainly because there aren't terrorist barricades, but also because cops would rather risk other people's lives with a usually-not-lethal weapon rather than talk to a usually-not-dangerous suspect. Oh, were you under the impression that tasers don't kill?

Comment We're starting to see fruits from the SJW campaign (Score 4, Informative) 556

After endlessly repeating the message, "Women need to be encouraged to work in this field because they don't naturally have much interest in it", who could blame them for wanting nothing to do with it? No one wants the first thought people have of you to be, "Is this a professional or just the diversity hire?"

Could also have something to do with not wanting to work unreasonable hours just to eventually be replaced by an H1B.

Comment Re:Of course (Score 1) 210

More importantly, if we didn't know how faster than light travel works, we wouldn't be able to travel faster than light. Which is pretty much where we are now with both AI/Intelligence and FTL travel.

We could make babies long before we knew how meiosis works, we could smith weapons long before we knew the quantum nature of metallic bonds, and most of my fellow classmates could solve math problems without understanding what they were doing (so that a mild rewording of the problem would leave them wondering which equation to plug-and-chug). Plants don't know how pollination works, but they can do it just fine. Knowing how something works has never been a pre-requisite to doing it; nor does knowing how something works mean that you can do it (eg breaking encryption via brute force).

We know what general intelligence is; we just don't have an algorithm for it nor even a good way to measure it. But we can still create general intelligence without knowing how it works (ask your mom and dad).

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