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Comment Re:Don't agree with the conclusion .... (Score 2) 231

The author concludes that our best hope to fix this trend is a return of high gasoline prices.

IMO, that's ONE way it might change, but pretty much the WORST option.

Oh, there are far far worse options. Increasing the cost of something will decrease usage, starting with the least necessary usage. Also, a lot of supposedly "necessary" usage will eventually be reduced or eliminated, possibly after a painful transition. The price could be increased by placing a tax on it, and returning the proceeds to the people in a way that would minimize the damage to the most affected people or industries.

Alternatives such as laws requiring carpooling, laws forbidding gasoline engines, etc would have a similar effect but be painfully inflexible. Certainly less restrictive laws or even "encouraging conservation" could also help, but would have a more limited effect.

Comment Re:De plane, de plane! (Score 1) 231

You have to "decarbonize" limestone (CaCO3) to Calcium Oxide (CaO) to make cement. You _cannot_ make cement without producing a lot of carbon dioxide, even if your energy source is carbon-free.

Nothing says you have to dump that CO2 into the atmosphere. CO2 has various uses in industry, or can give a slight growth boost to greenhouses.

Comment Re:Number of Reciients? (Score 1) 36

which was awarded to E. Topol, R. Califf, F. Van de Werf, P.W. Armstrong, and their 972 co-authors,
for publishing a medical research paper which has one hundred times as many authors as pages.

How about the Wikipedia page for George W Bush, with 46,000 revisions by 14,500 authors? It has about 2 words per author or 1/2 word per revision.

Although I must say that it is pretty impressive for a research paper to be so nearly comparable to one of the most controversial wikipedia pages in terms of authors.

Comment Because humans (Score 1) 21

It's so very hard to sell security as a feature. It costs a lot of money to do, ridiculously so since so much other software is likewise built insecurely. And it's not like anyone can tell when they're buying software whether it is secure or not, not without spending about as much money as was spent writing it in the first place (although they could check for some of the more obvious flaws).

Besides, if all else fails, a bribe to the sysadmin will overcome any security measures.

Comment Re:Two words: "Ford Pinto" (Score 1) 183

113 million dollars to fix.
49 million dollars for the death and destruction costs.

Hate to break it to you, but the choice here is obvious. You compare values and go for the option with the highest value (or lower cost). Tasty food is worth more than life itself. Money is worth more than life itself (see people skimping on their own safety equipment to save money). Fun things like mountain climbing and skydiving are worth more than life itself.

When people overvalue life they start making decisions like strip-searching all passengers before allowing them on an airplane slightly reduce an already absurdly small risk of death. If you consider, for example, the number of lifetimes spent waiting in line and the number of lifetimes spent earning enough money to pay for the privilege, vs the number of lives saved...

If your argument is that you feel life is undervalued, please feel free to name the proper price, and provide evidence that it should be so. If you can prove it, we could probably adjust the official, government-approved value used in various legal calculations.

Comment Are we punishing risk assessment? (Score 1) 56

Aerosols are stored separately at Amazon’s warehouse because they are deemed dangerous, and training literature for warehouse staff explains that lithium batteries are dangerous, “potentially causing burns, explosions or a fire”.

Training literature updated to say, "lithium batteries are safe, unlikely to cause burns, explosions or a fire"

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