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Comment Re:More proof (Score 1) 414

When I think Engineering and Math, I tend to think of Germany and Japan, two cultures that are known to have a strong work ethic and an aptitude for solving complex problems.

What if the hiring managers think the same thing? Hm, this candidate just doesn't look very mathy...

Not saying you're wrong, but just because a stereotype is true doesn't mean there can't be discrimination beyond the percentages justified by the stereotypes.

Comment Re:More proof (Score 3, Interesting) 414

That's exactly what affirmative action is. It says blacks are not as good as whites, can't compete, and thus need a loving, guiding hand to help them up.

No, it is saying socio-economic factors make it less likely for African Americans to succeed, and this will not be changed for hundreds of years if society does not lend a hand.

Then why not base assistance on those socio-economic factors, instead of racist discrimination based on race?

Comment Re:Microsoft: convenience over security (Score 1) 118

But fundamentally, why, oh, why, is the browser being promoted to being a viewer of non-HTML documents?

For the best of reasons, convenience and user experience. OK, so in this particular case so Microsoft makes more money. But generally users want to view content as quickly and conveniently as possible, and displaying it within the browser while browsing makes a lot of sense. I wouldn't mind being able to view documents and spreadsheets in-browser either. If they do it right.

On that note, I hope there's a particularly nasty place in hell for whoever decided to make Firefox's default pdf viewer so it only loads part of the file at a time, even if you look through the whole thing, and pretend to search but only search part of the document while pretending it searched the whole thing. Point being, if it is not done right then just use a working viewer rather than a half-assed crappy one.

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