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Submission + - CRTC to Allow Usage Based Billing (www.cbc.ca)

Idiomatick writes: The CRTC ruled in favour today for usage based billing. Bell Canada was given a monopoly on lines in Canada, in exchange they were made to resell to competitors at cost in order to have a functional market. The new CRTC ruling will allow Bell to charge their competitors more money based on individual customer usage. They are now able to implement a 60GB cap on a competitor's highest speed lines (charging $1.12/GB for overages). Bell however; it was ruled that they are permitted to continue with it's unlimited usage plan. The effect on the market seems clear.

Submission + - CRTC In Canada take a Giant Step Back (competitivebroadband.com)

Idiomatick writes: "Historically in Canada, Bell was given a monopoly over the phone (and hence DSL) lines through government support and funding. To encourage a healthy ecosystem within which competition can thrive, Bell was forced to sell use of it's last mile lines to resellers at cost. This worked quite well, many competitors popped up. However the CRTC made a ruling recently which declared ethernet access and transport services as non-essential. This means that Bell will no longer be required to resell at cost to competitors and may set any price they please. Which will in my city one-third the amount of competition.

To voice your concerns or to sign a petition to help reverse this decision hit http://www.competitivebroadband.com/consumer/ , they are a coalition of 30 smaller ISPs with numbers rising."

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Submission + - Bell proposing 'Usage Based Billing' 1

Idiomatick writes: Bell Canada is attempting to impose UBB on it's wholesale customers. As Bell was given a last-mile monopoly in much of Canada by the government they are required to follow rules set up by the CRTC this includes leasing their lines to competitive ISPs. And they are given a directive by the CRTC to provide competitive speeds to said ISPs. Teksavvy has informed it's customers that were this to go through the current monthly cap would be quartered and the cost for exceeding it would be "multiple times more than our current per Gigabyte rate of $0.25/GB on overages". They have also helpfully included a link where you can send your comments/concerns to the CRTC directly.

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