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Comment Re:Facebook is written in php (Score 1) 232

+5 Interesting?? C'mon.

"Actually, FB has a lot of technological excellence... it isn't seen:"

1: They have done more for biometric security and automated facial recognition than virtually any other company out there.
Security? that's kind of a freudian slip, not objetcive at all. But yes, they have done a lot.

2: They have a very well made system for hunting down people who are actual people versus dummy/sock puppet accounts that get squashed.
I'm not going for it. I've seen A LOT of phony/spam accounts.

3: They are excellent at geolocation.
  What is this supposed to mean? Like if you are good at geolocation (is that a thing?), you achieved technological excelence?

4: They created the "commodity hardware, have the backend application do all the redundancy" where the fault tolerance is in the top of the stack, as opposed to the hardware like the IBM mainframes. This allows for the absolute cheapest machines possible, and if they die, things continue on. Even entire data centers can drop off the face of the earth.

5: They have the best behavioral reporting and profiling tech out there. Want to check if people 18-25 are interested in your new widget? Easily done by a FB trial balloon.
Ok. Granted, that's true I think.

6: FB advertising is one of the few channels that work. People turn off their TV, but the FB ads will still come to them no matter what. I've used it to propagate info for a non-profit gathering... and attendance doubled.
  Me and a lot of friend don't see ads, there's a thing called AdblockPlus. And on top of that, didn't General freaking Motors back out because it didn't work for them?

7: FB is one of the few enterprises that can actually get btrfs from an early beta state to a finished product that can handle production data. Without Facebook, btrfs would probably spend another five years being semi-ignored.
Cool for that.

8: FB is one of the few Internet based companies, who, a year after IPO, has stock prices higher than they were when hitting the market and still solid.
And that doesn't mean squat for technological excellence.

9: FB has very tight security. You never see a note about Facebook being hacked, and in security, no news is good news.
They have security, sure. But may be you also live in a basement. ( I'm not going to do the googling for you.

10: FB is platform agnostic.

+5 Interesting, really?? His point is about Facebook being a company of technologicall excelence.

So out of 10 points you made. 6 were bulls**t.

"So, even though people bag FB, it is one of the smartest-run businesses on the face of the planet."

May be you should take Zuckerberg's shoe out of your mouth before you speak.

Comment Re:Lesson from this story...don't be a glass hole! (Score 1) 1034

Well, it's concerning the docile posture you took (judging for what you write). In my third-world country I would have made a fuss about it then get the refund. There are laws that protect you against abuses by companies. There is a department run by the government here that helps people freely protect their consumer rights. You can ask a layer anything, get counsel and start actions against companies.

It's really common to be submissive when someone take over your rights, hell look what happened with the NSA scandal. In my country it's for granted that people working in the government get rich overnight. The president and their friends are billionares. (with a B). And not in other currency, in freaking dollars.

I suggest to stand up for your rights, even if the trouble for defending them is more than the value of say right (always happens this). Once you lose it, you lose it for ever.

Comment My Places (Score 1) 162

I agree, we should use OSM, so we make it bigger and better. But as I have to make a website were there're pinned points in a city map so everyone can see it, OSM is not useful for me. Sadly, it can't replace "Google My Places"..yet

This is currently inavailable:

Or may be I'm overlooking, I just need a map where I can mark places and probably attach photos to it (like to show the front of a starbucks store). But in a whole country. As far as I can know, can't do it with OSM, without serious work.

Submission + - Driver Arrested in Ohio for Secret Car Compartment Full of Nothing (

schwit1 writes: Norman Gurley, 30, is facing drug-related charges in Lorain County, Ohio, despite the fact that state troopers did not actually find any drugs in his possession.

Ohio passed a law in 2012 making it a felony to alter a vehicle to add a secret compartment with the “intent” of using it to conceal drugs for trafficking.

Comment Re:British? (Score 2) 107

Exactly. And as "dfk" says, it's a universal government tactic.

I'm form Argentina and I've got to say it's insulting the way they use this. They not only just focuses on the target for a few months (furiously I may say) but appeal on feelings like patriotism, because the target ALWAYS want to destroy the country and the democracy. (resemble other country of America?)

The worst of all is.. a lot of people buy it.

So moronic.

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