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Comment Re:Not an alternative to Linux, an alternative to (Score 4, Informative) 277

I know for myself, and many others at the companies I have worked for -- THere are a signifcant number of people who use Macbooks, but run Windows on them. As I type here, It's a macbook Pro Running Windows 10.

The hardware runs Windows significantly better than any natively developed Windows notebook. Probably becasue drivers can be written to only a single known configuration and that can be optimized.

WHen running multiple VMs, and IDEs on Windows on Macbook Pro hardware -- it simply outclasses the same setup on alternatives.

But either way, at our office, more than half (500+ users) all run Windows as their primary OS on the Macbooks. Most workers don't know that they can even boot into Mac OSX (minimally sized partition, as even the Engineers don't even boot into OSX)

Once I installed Windows 7 on a Macbook Pro -- I never went back to Windows-first hardware.
1. Buy MacBook
2. Install Windows.
3. Have a kick ass windows box for development and gaming.-

Comment Re: This! Don't change my text without permission! (Score 1) 207

It's why I use a literary keyboard layout with dead-keys (Windows)
I haven't really explored it too fully, but the characters I enjoy most often are:
alt-gr, minus: hyphen
alt-gr, minus, m : m dash
alt-gr, minus, n : n dash
alt-gr, dbl-quote, 6 : low curly double quote
alt-gr, dbl-quote, 9 : high curly (9) double quote
alt-gr, dbl-quote, comma : low curly (9) double quote
alt-gr, dbl-quote, open bracket : left double guillement ...
and I tend to use combinig unicode, rather than pre-composed now:
alt-gr, dbl-quote, dbl-quote: combining double acute accent
alt-gr, single-quote, single quote: combining acute accent
alt-gr, single-quote, pipe : combining vertical line above

Windows supporting full unicode characters, and multiple chaining dead-key combinations in a simple keyboard map has really made international typing on one keyboard layout _really easy_.

Bias: I type and edit a lot in multiple european languages, and being able to type every character in all european latin-based languages in one layout is heaven. Particularly, all the oddities as well (sharp s, section symbol, pilcrow, etc)

Fun causing rendering issues on non Windows machines (and some windows software not using Uniscribe). Seeing as I have combining characters fully available, adding them to non-expected characters (cyrilling, arabic, hindi, etc) can cause many strange rendeing issues (or causing people phones to crash, OSX to crash) when using non-expected parings: see : for a description of one particular Apple font implementaiton fail.

Comment Re:This! Don't change my text without permission! (Score 1) 207

Swapping the comma and the closing quote would then make it grammatically (stylistically?) incorrect for American English;
American English requires terminal punctuation (comma, and period) inside the terminal quotation mark regardless of whether they are part of the quotation, or part of the containing sentence structure; other terminal punctuation (semi-colon, question mark), outside the terminal quotiation mark.

British English puts quotation terminal comma and period inside the terminal quotation mark, but sentence structure comma or periods, outside the quotation mark.

Comment Re:Hit & Run (Score 1) 383

That's assuming they even have insurance on the vehicle.
Anyone with a large fleet of vehicles, or has the money to -- will not have external insurance, and simply be financially liable.
For instance, enterprise rental here doesn't have any insurance policy for their cars, but have proof of the bare minimum liability ($10,000), which as a national company -- they do.

Comment Re:Ride share (Score 1) 383

It's illegal to hail a cab from the street in many cities (many in the bay area; utah, Las Vegas, Cincinatti, etc.), you need to call them (everywhere), or use the internet to book one (chicago cab companies)
They are metered, just not conveniently posted, and are subject to change (surge). But otherwise $2 + 1.15/mi + 20c/mi.
Uber is a glorified taxi dispatcher.
Uber-Pool is something unique -- maybe it can be expanded to uber public transit. Just start operating fixed routes in addition to their regular service; and get business on-board to support non-driving options to get more cars off the road.

Comment Re:good for the environement (Score 1) 250

The cost was non trivial for us.
When my roommate began working from home, the thermostat went from a progammed interval of 8am-6pm at 60F to 69F.
Our heating/cooling costs pretty much doubled from $35/mo to $70/mo. (700 sqft apartment).
It was a trivial amount in the apartment; but now that we live in a 3bdr household (1800sqft), shelling out $450/mo in gas/electricity usage is a bit more noticable.

Comment Re:good for the environement (Score 1) 250

"Cleansing the mind" means not thinking about anything not related to being in the moment, and putting 100% of your thought and attention to the act of driving.
Do not let yourself think about work.
Do not let yourself thingk about ideas.
Do not think commetary or emotional reactions to the traffice.
Focus on keeping your mind silent, and increasing your awareness of the act of driving.
Pay attention to your hands on the wheel, the amount of gas you are using.
Keeping your distance from the car in front.
Making your accelleration and breaking as smooth as possible with no sudden changes.
Making a conscious effort to check your mirrors regularly, not motivated by intention to change lanes. Simply to be aware.

The Cleansing of the mind happens because you are able to put 100% of yourself into the at of commutting, and to perform all your actions and awareness into the act of driving, without drifting into thoughts, judgements, or future/past.

It's really great to show up refreshed after the commute, and you tend to notice the lane splitting motorcyclists coming up from behind with plenty of time to calmly veer to the left to give them room in ample time. And leads to a less "stop-and-go" feeling in stop-and-go traffic (both mentally and literally)

Comment Re:Hate the office life (Score 1) 250

I would say the opposite.
I feel that I get less done working remote, than in the office.
I actually wish I was able to go in more often - I am more produtive, make much more solid connections with co-workers and managment, and the comraderie build up is stronger than via the telecommuting options. Which translates into better oppoutunities for advancement.

I hope this trend for remote workers does reverse.

Comment Re:Some backroom chatter is necessary for democrac (Score 2) 304

The bill only requires that ==public== meetings be video-taped.
So, they are simply ensuring that the public can access the meetings in a manner other than driving up to Sacramento and sitting in.
Or to rely on the increasingly non-existant local news reporter who sits in and summarizes the actual actions that occur in these public meetings.

Comment Re:any proxy sales soar (Score 1) 271

Then change your billing address to out of state. It doesn't even have to be a real address.
That's the joy of electronic statements.
And the CC companies don't care.
You can change your billing address out of country if you want. Don't have to live there.
"Why?" "Making a purchase that needs to match billing address.", though most don't even ask that; just "temporary or permanent?"

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