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Submission + - Open source fixes bugs days faster, say reports (cio.com)

mjasay writes: "CIO Magazine reports that open source software development fixes bugs much, much faster than proprietary software development does. Days faster, in fact. Under eight hours (open source) instead of 6.7 days (proprietary software vendors). However, as the data shows, this is not because open source is perfectly developed from the start, but rather because open source's transparency and source code availability contributes to developers more easily and efficiently finding their way to both a bug and its fix. This correlates nicely with Forrester's survey indicating that CIOs are adopting open source because it gives them freedom to code (including to fix bugs) beyond the restrictions of their vendors."
The Courts

Submission + - Parts of Patriot Act ruled unconstitutional

proverbialcow writes: Two parts of the Patriot Act were ruled unconstitutional by federal Judge Ann Aiken on Wednesday. Quoth the judge, "In place of the Fourth Amendment, the people are expected to defer to the executive branch and its representation that it will authorize such surveillance only when appropriate."

The government "is asking this court to, in essence, amend the Bill of Rights, by giving it an interpretation that would deprive it of any real meaning. The court declines to do so," Aiken said.
Data Storage

Submission + - Fusion io - the power of 1000 hard drives (tgdaily.com)

TrigZ writes: "San Diego (CA) — A new flash storage card from Fusion io could make huge storage area networks go the way of the dinosaur and DoDo bird. The company's upcoming 'ioDrive' combines hundreds of gigabytes of flash storage onto a small computer card and company officials claim that the tiny card could replace banks of hard drives."
Linux Business

Submission + - OpenSource Revenue Model Flawed 4

An anonymous reader writes: If the standard revenue model for OpenSource software is to charge for the support of the software, what incentive is there to produce truly reliable products? Obviously if the software worked perfectly and easily there would be little need for product support.
Competition alone is clearly not enough to ensure companies pursue perfection. As the current closed source market shows, consumers are more than happy to use buggy, poorly designed wares as long as its familiar and common place.
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Valve Reevaluates Episodic Gaming

Dr. Eggman writes: CVG has a recent article on Valve and it's Episodic Game plan. According to the article after the third episode's out, Valve plans to sit down with the community and figure out what's working and what's not. Newell also wants to spend time with Telltale Games and Blizzard, both developers of episodic and episodic-like game content. The question is: monolithic game development like Half-Life 2 or Episodic development like the trilogy. "We just want to sit down with three examples in front of us and talk it over with gamers to find out what they would like us to do next."

Submission + - Sony's solid state 2.4lb laptop reviewed

An anonymous reader writes: Last week Sony finally launched its super slim, super sexy TZ series of laptops in the US. If you've been waiting to get your hands on one of these, check out this first review of the top drawer TZ12VN, complete with solid state hard disk. It's a lot of money, but it sure looks sweet! http://www.trustedreviews.com/notebooks/review/200 7/07/23/Sony-VAIO-VGN-TZ12VN/p1

Submission + - Most Powerful Star Explosion Observed

necro81 writes: The NY Times is reporting a discovery from a team of researchers about observations of the cataclysmic explosion of a 100- to 200-solar-mass star — the brightest stellar explosion ever observed. The researchers believe that the explosion is similar to the death spasms of the first stars in the universe. Rather than create a black hole, the super-massive star's collapse is believed to have been so energetic as to create unstable electron-positron pairs that tore the star apart before it could collapse into a black hole — seeding the universe with heavier elements.

You Can Oppose Copyright and Support Open Source 378

kfogel writes "I'm submitting 'Supporting Open Source While Opposing Copyright' as a response to Greg Bulmash's piece from yesterday. I think there were a number of flaws and mistaken assumptions in Bulmash's reasoning, and I've tried to address them in this rebuttal, which has undergone review from some colleagues in the copyright-reform community."

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