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Journal IamBMETammy's Journal: Anyone need a microbiologist? 4

I graduate December 20th with my BS. I'm excited, but unemployed.

In other news, the rest of life is good. The kids are adorable, the husband is still happy at his job, and we're about to launch headlong into a kitchen remodel.

How is everyone else?

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Anyone need a microbiologist?

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  • I might actually get a chance to meet you in the Real World, too. I'm slated to visit Columbia in February and/or March!

    Unfortunately you're the strongest connection I have to microbio, so I can't help you out on the job front. Unless I win a bunch of money in the Lottery and need a massive army of genetically engineered minions- in which case I'm totally calling you first;-)

  • I had just finished reading your multiply journal (I try to remember to read up on people over there) when I saw that you had posted this one. Congrats on graduating. December graduates are the best (I was one last year)!

    Things have not been so great for me the past few days. If you are interested, you can read about it here: []

  • Now if only you had said macrobiologist, then things might be different. I'm sorry I just don't have any need for a microbiologist at the moment.

    Sorry to be such the wise guy. Congratulations on the degree. By the way I'm over here again for the time being.

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