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Journal Journal: My experience of 9/11 and its aftermath

Hello, reader.
I felt the need to share my experience of 9/11, my thoughts and my observations. Tenth anniversary of attack seemed like good moment to go back in memories and write them down.
First off, let me tell you about myself, who am I, where do I come from, and what is my perspective.
I am from Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarajevo was the city under the siege, from 1992. to 1995. Unfortunately, I've spent all that time in sieged city. I was 15 when war begun a


Submission + - Dragonica receives its biggest content update yet. (

An anonymous reader writes: Gala Networks Europe, one of the leading free-to-play games publishers and operator of the portal, is delighted to announce that New Origin, the next expansion for Dragonica, will launch in September. New Origin promises to be the biggest content update ever in the history of the action MMORPG, and will include an incredible range of new features such as brand new mountable pets and a completely new playable race.

Journal Journal: How to fight against google's geolocation?

Since of the last year, I have been running into problems with Google's geolocating algorithms. I live in small European country, and I've been noticing the same problem with Google's services for about half a year, now. Problem is that Google constantly identifies my IP as coming from wrong country. I have been shuffled around Europe, most of the time, and so far I have been redirected to: Bahrain, Austria, Macedonia, and Germany.
Now, let me clarify - I have checked relevant addressing s


Submission + - AMD eschews smartphones, bets on tablets (

MrSeb writes: "Last week, Rick Bergman, senior VP and general manager of AMD’s Product Group, spoke at the Pacific Crest Securities Technology Leadership Forum. During his talk, Bergman noted that while AMD was excited about the growth opportunities it saw within the tablet market, it had no plans to enter the smartphone space. “We haven’t announced any plans to go in that handheld space. We’ve got plenty of opportunities in server, notebook and now tablets, that’s our immediate focus. But if the right circumstances come up and we can see a way to impact the market, we’ll obviously continue to look,” Bergman said.It is unlikely that AMD will compete in the 'iPad range' of tablets, but with its upcoming Hondo and Bobcat cores, it could certainly compete with Intel in the x86 (Windows) tablet market."

Comment applauding hipocrisy (Score 2) 403

first of all i would like to applaud westerner's hypocrisy - while promoting social media outlets for people on the east, they are strongly opposing them at home.

secondly i'd like to note that all those people using social media to organize looting and whatever not through unrest in the UK - police needs no face recognition, while they have CDRs and other logs from telecoms. all they need is to see who posted to twitter at a given time, and what IMEIs and phones were registered to gsm cells in the looted neighborhood.

surely, forensics behind this are wee bit more complicated, but all in all - if i was member of the crowd doing malicious deed - i would never use my own phone and gsm card to organize / coordinate something against the state. perhaps pre-paid card with disposable/old phone, but never my own smartphone with my own postpaid number.


Submission + - Infographic: We are too obsessed with Facebook! ( 2

BogenDorpher writes: "We all know that most people in this day and age will have a Facebook profile. In fact, we even make profiles for our animals. But how obsessed are we? According to an infographic by, one in every thirteen people on the planet has a Facebook profile. Yeah, we are very much obsessed!"

Submission + - Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Released to Manufacturing (

BogenDorpher writes: "The Windows Phone development team today officially announced via a blog post that they have signed off on the release to manufacturing of Windows Phone 7.5 code-named Mango. Mango is expected to bring many new features to the Windows Phone platform and has been highly anticipated."

Submission + - Marlinspike releases iPhone data interception tool (

mask.of.sanity writes: Security researcher Moxie Marlinspike has updated his near decade old tool with man-in-the-middle attack capabilities that can intercept traffic from Apple iPhones.

The free attack tool sslsniff exploits a vulnerability disclosed by researchers Gregor Kopf and Paul Kehrer which allow traffic from iOS iPhones to be intercepted.

Get it for Linux here


Submission + - Garry's Mod: Over 1 million sold (

dotarray writes: Garry Newman is a favourite around these parts for his creative approach to pirates, and we’re now happy to report that his innovative sandbox title — Garry's Mod — has surpassed one million sales.

Submission + - Could US Default increase Linux certification need (

high_rolla writes: "Let's say that the US fails to reach an agreement and they default. This will obviously have a potentially huge impact on the economy globally. I'm wondering if this will push companies to evaluate cloud computing more aggressively as a means to cut costs. Given this could mean that there will be fewer jobs (as cloud computing allows resources to be centralized and a lot of work automated), and that those jobs will require higher skill sets, is Linux certification going to be more important in the future? Only 4% of job listings are seeking some form of Linux certification at the moment, is this an area that will see a dramatic change? If so, what Linux certifications do you think would be the most important to have?"

Submission + - Artificial lung created that works with air (

cylonlover writes: Researchers have created an artificial lung that uses air as a ventilating gas instead of pure oxygen — as is the case with current man-made lungs, which require heavy tanks of oxygen that limit their portability. The prototype device was built following the natural lung's design and tiny dimensions and the researchers say it has reached efficiencies akin to the genuine organ. With a volume roughly the same as a human lung, the device could be implanted into a person and even be driven by the heart.

Submission + - Avatar Kinect - available now (

mikejuk writes: Is Avatar Kinect a world changing innovation or is it just silly?
The idea is simple enough. It uses the Kinect to determine body position and facial expression and maps these in real-time onto an avatar displayed on the screen alone with other similar avatars.
The big question is what it good for?
Simple answer is that you can hide behind your avatar. It is an opportunity for anyone who feels less than confident about their appearance to become a performer — Microsoft is running a stand up comedian via avatar competition for example. The internet has long provided an anonymous platform where users can express themselves and Avatar Kinect extends this to facial and body expressions. Perhaps this is how video phone calls finally catch on — I'll get my avatar to phone you.


Submission + - The Future of Identity Verification (

Orome1 writes: When someone mentions biometrics, the first thing that comes to mind to many people are physical characteristics on the basis of which people can be unequivocally differentiated and identified: DNA, finger and palm prints, iris shape, and more. All in all, characteristics that people don't have control over. But as useful for verification and identification as these characteristics are in the real world, the online one is another matter. The technology behind their exploitation for online authentication is still simply too difficult and too obtrusive to integrate and use and, let's face it, too costly. Still, there is another class of biometrics that can prove to be useful and way easier to use for this particular purpose — behavioral biometrics. It's no wonder, then, that a lot of companies have set their sights on developing a solution that will use keystroke dynamics for identifying or verifying users, often in conjunction with other authentication factors.

Submission + - 8-Bit Nintendo Homage Sand Sculpture (

An anonymous reader writes: This sand sculpture was built as an homage to the 8-bit games which served as a foundation for those insanely complex games we enjoy today. Sure, there was Pong and Pac-Man and such, but the Nintendo Entertainment System seems to draw the most nostalgia from modern gamers. I’m sure that’s also because some of the characters created then, such as Mega Man, Link, and Mario, continue to be featured in high-profile games today.

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