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Comment GIGO (Score 1) 370

I hope their data collection is better than it is in the US. Insurance company's systems can't talk to the doctors systems. They are stuck with 1980s technology or sneaker net to get information exchanged. Paper gets lost, forms don't match. Doctors spend more time with paper than with patients. Once the paper gets to the insurance company chances are good it doesn't go to the right person or just gets lost sending the patient back to the beginning of the maze. The more people removed from the chain the better.

Comment Re:paltry government salaries? (Score 1) 412

Now we know why the government is so happy to see IT salaries drop. No one want to leave their job security to go to a private job that will soon be outsourced. They just didn't move fast enough to keep their employees. Those that are leaving will soon be back when they find out what is happening to the jobs they think they are leaving NSA for.

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