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Submission + - Don't Panic

ISoldat53 writes: May 25 is Towel Day. Do you know where your towel is?

Submission + - Lionsgate sued for ripping off model (

ISoldat53 writes: The producers of "Mad Men" are being sued by a model appearing in the opening sequence of the show. They have never given her credit for the image. From her attorney, "If two minutes of 'Mad Men' had been taken for commercial purposes, Lionsgate would be throwing thermonuclear bombs," he said.

Submission + - Post Homo sapiens homonids ( 1

ISoldat53 writes: Researchers have identified a group of Africans that appear to have diverged from the H. sapiens gene pool. See the RTFA for details. We have spent years trying to find out where we as a species come from; it's interesting to speculate on where we are going.

Submission + - Sci-Fi Brothel ( 1

ISoldat53 writes: New brothel in Nevada to offer sex girls dressed as aliens.

Submission + - UW unable to meet demand for CS students (

ISoldat53 writes: The University of Washington has to turn away 4 out of 5 (500) students who want to get a CS degree because of lack of space. The state has no solution because of lack of funds to expand the school.

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