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Comment Re:w00t! (Score 0) 174

Think AD for linux, unix, excellent CLI, UI tools, controls DNS, sudo, RBAD, HBAC, kerberos, etc etc. integrates with AD, SAML and many other things. Basically, setups up and easily unifies all the hard boring behind the scenes stuff that no one but SA's care about. If it's good enough for CERN, then it's good enough for me.

Comment Garmin Connect (Score 1) 93

I'm not surprised at all, I would like someone to do this analysis with the Garmin Connect app. A while ago it was updated so that you couldn't connect the vivosmart directly to your phone without doing it through the app. Then, another update the app isn't even usable unless you turn on location services. So for someone like me whose use case is mostly so I don't have to pull my phone out of my pocket to check/ack a page and occasionally for exercise. It became a piece of junk that sits in a drawer.

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