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Comment Re:Sure...if I had physical access to the device.. (Score 3, Interesting) 77

What exactly does that mean... encrypt as they travel? As someone that spent nearly a decade at a SaaS email security firm, SMTPS is only PtoP. If there are points in between, there's a chance that your email will have an unencrpyted hop. otherwise your looking at GPG/SMIME solutions... based on the info provided, I don't see what they are doing any different other than providing a "dedicated" box....

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 540

So I can understand the sarcasm, and for some reason, you're post resonates with me. I started "working" when I was around 11 doing a paper route, before that my parent made me do "chores". you can no longer be a child with a paper route, not only do the papers want older more "reliable" people, but there are fewer papers these days. Once I was old enough, I got a job as a bagger at a grocery store, fast food, waiter, salesman, clerk, college, professional .. basically, with a few minor interruptions, I've been employed since 11 yo.

  I know kids these days, whose parents won't let them think about getting their first job until after college, nor do they seem to want to.

Comment Re: White Leftists Whine, China Creates Superhuman (Score 2) 159

While I don't entirely disagree with you, this is an extremely slippery slope to go down.... I would actually oppose you until we 100% (well as close as we can get) understand genetics. For as advanced as we are right now, we're just leaving the horse and buggy era, and its just too soon to be messing, wholesale, with human genetics.

Comment Re:No and no (Score 1) 501

I'm typing this as I transcode Bluerays for my plex server on my 4yo 8core PhenomFX black with 32GB of ram. I'm currently wishing for the latest gen processor as, ripping the BD Disc took 30 minutes, and then transcoding it to the 1080p30 SuperHQ in handbrake is going to take ~ 5 hours. I guess if your surfing the web and checking emails, computer have been fast enough for a while, but if you actually do real work, for example a jenkins build farm for a whole company you still want the cutting edge.

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