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Comment Re:Vasectomy (Score 1) 372

Umm, have you ever had sex? Without a condom? I'm married have two kids and had a vasectomy earlier this year... Sex with a condom is like wearing a raincoat... you can tell it's wet, but you don't really feel it... It's just not the same.

Comment Re:Wait! Don't tell them... (Score 1) 226

No kidding, we have a guy whos on the hogher functioning autism spectrum at the office right now, he's talented, but picks up on no social cues. He will literally have a conversation with the back of your head for 10 minutes, not picking up on the fact that it's not a good time come back later. I can see this being abused easily. Boss's will think "Hey they'll work 20 hours a day if we stimulate them just so". Day in, Day out, no overtime.

Comment Great.... (Score 1, Funny) 108

A one hour event is going to turn into 5-6 /. stories parsed out over the next few days. It was probably the lamest Apple event with the weakest tech I've ever seen. All the Apple FanBoi's in my office gathered around Projectors and TV's in slaverish anticipation. I'll spoil the next few articles for you dongle, special modified BT chip on wireless headphones. iWatch2 - faster, GPS and brighter screen. Iphone 7 has 2 front cameras that can take pictures. super mario.... Tim Cook does lame Steve Jobs impression.

I'm not necessarily against Apple, just the sycophants...

Comment Re:w00t! (Score 0) 174

Think AD for linux, unix, excellent CLI, UI tools, controls DNS, sudo, RBAD, HBAC, kerberos, etc etc. integrates with AD, SAML and many other things. Basically, setups up and easily unifies all the hard boring behind the scenes stuff that no one but SA's care about. If it's good enough for CERN, then it's good enough for me.

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