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Comment Re:Want good Internet? Move to a city. (Score 1) 174

OK where I am there are more of us living in the subburbs and rural communities that are paying for the big city infrastructure without any of the benefits... if asking the government to put in a conduit while repairing a road is a big deal then perhaps we can start saying no to subsidizing the city on its infrastructure?

Comment Re:Want good Internet? Move to a city. (Score 1) 174

Why should city-dwellers subsidize your chosen lifestyle. You don't want concrete and police sirens? Well, you don't get fast Internet, either.

For the same reason the rural dwellers subsidize your life style. You wouldn't have much in the way of transit if the rest of us were not paying towards it. Also it is not always a choice. People have to live where they can find work. Well unless you want an oil refinery, sewage treatment plant, or power plant in the heart of your urban "lifestyle"?

Comment Re:Real Stuff (Score 0) 189

Well to be fair here, there are many flavours of Linux. When installing software on Linux you have to get the correct install package for the brand and version of Linux that you have. If one is not made for your specific version of Linux and you find an installer that works, it doesn't mean the software will work with out a bunch of configuration. So now if you have your own OS, like Microsoft does, and you want to add support of Linux apps in Windows what do you do?

Comment Re:I can understand the point. (Score 1) 214

WTF is an AC?!? Actually I would disagree that C++ and JAVA are good beginner's languages, but depending on how they are taught they could be, and for me the same goes for C# and especially VB. I think coding needs to be taught the way we teach people to drive. You learn all the rules, you obey the rules and you are tested on the rules. Then when you get out in the real world you learn when to break the rules. Now I am not saying C++ and JAVA are bad languages, just not the best to begin with especially if self taught. There is a term in cooking called "Mise en Place", it means to have everything in its place ready to go and planned out when preparing a meal, all the dicing, measuring, cutting, pots and pans all ready and organized. Then when it comes time to cooking the dish it become about the assembly. That is what is missing from most languages. Now traditional Pascal and I believe Modula has this. You have to declare your variables, constants and methods before hand. You cannot just willy-nilly add a variable in-line code to work around an issue. And I think we would have better code if developers learned to code like this. Mise en place, plan out your methods and variables before hand, and lay out the structure, then fill in the actual code. Once competent coding like this then start getting loose with the code.

Comment Re: How very Republucan... (Score 1) 249

Netflix pays for the right to broadcast certain content to certain regions, and to the people who are physically located in those regions. The same would hold true to cable companies. If I lived near the US border, I could pay to have a cable hook up in the US, and I could run a wire across the border to my house. The cable company then would be breaking the rules by broadcasting across the region and if thousands of people started doing this they would be told they have to find a way to stop it. Now blaming Netflix for this is not "sticking it to the man". They have had the ability to prevent VPN for around two years at least. They haven't done it because they do not want to do it. They are doing it because they will lose content or perhaps even the ability to operate in certain regions if they do not comply. It is not just Hollywood it is the big cable companies and the government organizations like the CRTC in Canada that is keeping this system. I will continue to support Netflix because they are going to change the paradigm by increasing the amount of their own Original Content to be broadcast world wide at the same time and show producers will go to companies like them instead of the traditional route.

Comment Re:Don't Mess With Taxes (Score 1) 379

Hmmm interesting, where I am the private schools that aren't unionized generally have better pay for the teachers, better class room conditions, better resources for the students, better standardized test results, better equipment and it really shows. If I was a teacher I would be gunning for the private schools....

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