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Submission + - Siemens Squashes Cross-Channel Electric Flight

Jay Maynard writes: AvWeb is reporting that Slovenian airplane maker Pipistrel has been forced to cancel its attempt to be the first electric-powered airplane to cross the English Channel after Siemens ordered them not to fly over water with their electric motor. This comes just two days before Airbus was set to do the same thing, with Siemens as a major sponsor.

Comment Mission requirements (Score 1) 229

Put simply, electric vehicles don't meet my mission requirements: a midsize SUV or station wagon (think Chevrolet Equinox, Lexus RX, Subaru Outback) enclosed carrying capacity for stuff and/or people, able to travel 300+ miles at 70+ MPH away from the Interstate Highway System, and able to do it again in 15 minutes, indefinitely.

How far away from being able to do that are we?

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