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Journal Journal: Why Creative Sucks

In reply to this post:
I ended up staying up late to write an essay-length response on why I boycott Creative products:

Update (16-May-2006):
A thread on more evil business practices by Creative, in an article about even more evil practices by Creative:

Data Storage

Journal Journal: Disk recovery tools 6

My roommate has a hard drive with that suddenly started reporting itself as empty. My guess is that the partition table got corrupted, so I've searched for some tools to try to fix the problem with:

I also recently used a DOS-based utility that was like FDISK on crack, but I can't remember the name. It was text-based, and the text was in color. Oh well.

I should also mention that I already tried Partition Magic and Norton Ghost on it. Strangely, PM couldn't read the disk while Ghost could. We don't have 250GB of spare space on another hard drive to try copying the data to with Ghost, unfortunately, and Ghost doesn't seem able to do anything else for us (such as letting us view the files on the disk or edit the partition table).


Journal Journal: My new (re)mix

This is mostly a note to myself. I've sifted through the mass of ocremix tracks I've downloaded and have reduced them down to the following mix that should fit on a 80 minute CD (a very very tight fit if I decide to put the standard 2 second pauses between tracks). Here they are in the initial order I've decided on:

smproject\Relics Of The Chozo - 02 - Vigilante - So It Begins... (Intro Theme).ogg
Vigilante - So It Begins... (Intro Theme)

AmIEviL - Monkey Island AmIEvil OC ReMix

AmIEviL - Super Metroid FourLittleMetroids OC ReMix

Vurez - Ninja Gaiden Basilisk Run OC Remix

smproject\Relics Of The Chozo - 06 - Protricity - Full Of Life (Brinstar1).ogg
Protricity - Full Of Life (Brinstar1)

Khalal, Nintendo Guru - Metal Gear Uh Oh! The Beat Have Started To Move! OC ReMix

The Wingless - Guardian Legend Hyperion OC ReMix

Rosencrantz & guildensterN - Phantasy Star 4 PhantasyIsAFourLetterWord OC ReMix

Ryan8bit - Crystalis Calming the Angry Sea OC ReMix

Mazedude - Wolfenstein 3D Nazi Requiem OC ReMix

Star Salzman - Bionic Commando Advance with Caution OC ReMix

Russell Cox - Guardian Legend Naju Overture OC ReMix

Unknown - Dragon Warrior Kingdom Come OC ReMix

Russell Cox - Ninja Gaiden Death of a Legend OC ReMix

The Wingless - Guardian Legend Rosenthorne OC ReMix

SFLaValle - Ninja Gaiden Devils Mask OC ReMix

AmIEviL - Mega Man 4 LetThereBeLight OC ReMix

Ryan8bit - Secret of Monkey Island Metal Monkey OC ReMix

smproject\Relics Of The Chozo - 16 - Adhesive Boy - Braving The Flames (Norfair2).ogg
Adhesive Boy - Braving The Flames (Norfair2)

Injury - Final Fantasy Legend 3 Talon Injury OC ReMix

Big Giant Circles - Metroid 2 Anthem of a Metroid Hunter OC ReMix

- HZ


Journal Journal: Composing synthesized orchestral music

Checked out the links section on OverClocked Remix ( and found a couple of gems that I plan on spending some time studying in the near future:


Journal Journal: Creative Computing magazine archive

Check out this slashdot article:

They have a Creative Computing magazine section of their archive:

I pretty much learned how to program by entering BASIC programs from Creative Computing magazines and books into my dad's Heathkit computer. I still have the second Best Of book as well (it's really beat-up though).

User Journal

Journal Journal: Guestbook 1

If you're reading this, please hit reply and drop a line; I'm curious to see if anyone actually looks at my journal.

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